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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Redhotdragon, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. Redhotdragon

    Redhotdragon New Member

    Hi, I'd like to buy a pair of Sai. I've never used the weapons before, but have experience with the Bo, Nunchaku and a bit of Tonfa work, how should i choose length/type? Thanks
  2. Redhotdragon

    Redhotdragon New Member

  3. gojuman

    gojuman Valued Member

    the sai should be longer than your fore arm and hand, so that when held in closed position the butt should extend about one inch beyond your extended fingers and the tip should extend about and inch or two beyond your elbow.
    This is a little difficult to describe in words. I hope you understand. If the sai is too short you will hit your self and not have the proper balance when performing a flip strike. If it extend too far beyond the length of your elbow it will be too unmanagable.
  4. Redhotdragon

    Redhotdragon New Member

    Thank you very much!!! Would you recomment rubber sai or chrome? octagonal or round?
  5. gojuman

    gojuman Valued Member

    You should use strong chrome plated steel. Octaganal is good because of the sharp edges to fully utilize the control properties the weapon has. The sai is not just for swinging around like a ninja turtle. It has some wonderfuly painful joint control properties, come alongs, and other control and self defense techniques.
  6. David

    David Mostly AFK, these days

    Sais are lovely. Yeah, make sure you get them long enough.

  7. Jocko

    Jocko New Member

    sais are awesome. great against swords
  8. xubis

    xubis New Member

    I have sai.. but.. *gulp* I am not being trained how to use them. I just teach myself things with them.. I have a pretty long pair, oct. and chrome
  9. mknightsiu

    mknightsiu New Member

    Xubis. Watch your toes! when you start doing manipulations with them ...if they get away from you... the longer crome ones have a tendency to stick in to things like toes and feet...haha..
  10. electrobes

    electrobes Valued Member

    what is usually required to learn how to use sais.. like a specific martial art, or something of that sort. Also noting the huge disadvantage... could it be done using books, videos and a lot of training (because of a lack of a teacher in area)???
  11. kobudo_tob

    kobudo_tob Valued Member

    If you really want to learn the zai using videos, then I recommend "Mikio Nishiuchi Mastering the Sai". Its Matayoshi Okinawan Kobudo, which is a pretty interesting MA (but I'm biased)

    The video itself demonstrates two sets of basics, two katas and bunkai for the katas.

    Hope this helps

  12. electrobes

    electrobes Valued Member

    is it just cheaper to get the octogonal sais via ebay?
  13. #1 Stutta

    #1 Stutta The New Boot

    it should be about the same length as your tonfa. to measure you arm, bend it to make an L-shape. like this:


    M_________________| \-----------------------------| Elbow
    I__________________| |

    P=Pinky, R=Ring, M=Middle, I=Index, T=thumb

    just make your arm look like this. have the sais extend about that far in proportion to your arm. put the tip of the sais in line w/ the tip of your middle finger. have end of the handle extend about 2-3 inches past where the elbow bends.

    sorry about the crude illustration, its the best i could do.
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  14. electrobes

    electrobes Valued Member

    for those of you who practice sai... did you have a prior MA when you got into it... or did you semi jump into it? Also how did you go about learning it.. how long till you felt comfortable practicig with them? I basicaly made a goal for myself... Sais are pretty cheap and make a nice decoration when on a stand... but I am going to use it as a reminder.. after completing some kickboxing training, then escrima... I will feel more comfortable taking Sais lessons : ) - Am I a newbie dork for thinking this way? : P
  15. Reiki

    Reiki Ki is everything!

    For measuring Sai - bend your elbow joint.

    Hold the Sai with the handle facing forwards and your index finger along the handle, the long prong should go along your forearm pointing towards your elbow.

    Your other 3 fingers [and thumb] should wrap over the curved piece where all the prongs go into the handle. The handle should be about 1 inch longer than your index finger and the longest prong should be 1 inch [max of 2 inches] past your elbow.

    Any longer than this and they will catch on your gi!

    I am learning Sai at the moment, with help from my instructor.

    We do a lot of weapons work and it is one of my main interests!

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