"Choisheet" Translation - Early Students of Choi Yong Sool

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    A few years back, there was a discussion that came up about a list of Choi Yong Sool Dojunim's early students and there was a Korean language list posted (either compiled or unearthed by a man named Kim Ree Soo). I thought it was quite an interesting list and, having just remembered it, thought it'd be fun to see if anyone had any thoughts/ideas on it.

    The link to the orginal Korean "choisheet" is dead - if anyone has the Korean page, please post it up.

    Column 1 (far left)
    Kim Moo Hong (Shin Moo Kwan)
    Kim Jeong Soo (Yeon Bee Kwan)
    Lee Min Yeong (Yoo Shim Gwan)
    Kim Moo Jeong
    Jeong Hwan
    Won Kwan Hwa (Won Moo Kwan)

    Na In Dong (In Moo Kwan)
    Kim Ooh Tak (Kook Sool Kwan)
    Heo Il Oong (Kook Sool Won)

    Kim Moo Jin (Ya Hwa La)
    Lee Cheong (Gye Seong Kwan)
    Lee Joo Bang (Hwa Rang Do)
    Shin Tong Gi (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Lee Dong Ooh (Yong Moo Kwan)
    Kim Yoo

    Column 2 (2nd from left)
    Ji Han Jae (Seong Moo Kwan)
    Yoo Yeong Ooh
    Oh Se Rim
    Song Joo Won (Song Moo Kwan)

    Hwang Dak Kyoo (Bee Lyong Kwan)
    Lee Tae Joon
    Myeong Kwang Sik (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Kang Jeong Soo
    Kim Yong Jin (Ul Ji Kwan)
    Kim Yong Hwan (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Han Bong Soo (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Choi Sey Ho (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Kim Jong Taek
    Jeong Won Seon (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Lee Dong Goo (Ho Shin Do)
    Myeong Jae Nam (Hap Ki Hoi)
    Kwon Tae Man (Mee Gook) American(?)
    Pak Sang Peom

    3rd column (from left)
    Suh In Hyuk
    Seo In Seon
    Song Jeong Seon
    Kang Ik Jo

    4th column (from left)
    Seo Bok Seop (Ji Ap)
    1952 Jang Sung Ho
    1953 Moon Jong Won

    Song Joong Hoi (Song Moo Kwan)
    Kang Moon Jin (Pyeong Moo Kwan)
    Kim Kwang Ho
    Kang Jeong Pyo
    Sin Sang Hwal (Kwang Moo Kwan)

    Lee Jong Won
    Kim Jeong Yoon (Han Pool)

    Yeo Man Yeong
    Nam Yeong Ooh
    Kim Jong Yoon

    Hong Sung Kil (Soo Do Kwan)

    Han Hak Pong
    Heo Dal Joon

    Kim Yoon Sang (Hap Ki Yoo Sool)
    Lee Yeong Soo (Hap Ki Yoo Sool)
    Kim Hyeon Bae (Hap Ki Yoo Sool)

    Disclaimer: I "romanized" the names fairly quickly and based most closely on the current system of Romanziation in Korea except in cases where I knew the preferred spelling. If I made a mistake or if there is a beter spelling, please post it up.
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    Hello all,

    Now I need to pull out my original sheet I had examined in Korea by several high ranking students of Choi Dojunim, most of these names were never students of any standing, but attended seminars instead.
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    KIM Yun Sang is very proud to be keeping the records for the YONG SUL KWAN and was very kind to show them to me. I was very surprised at how limited attendence was for a number of names I recognized. KIM Dojonim made it very clear that quite a few more people represented themselves as students of CHOI Yong Sul than CHOI Dojunim actually considered his students. Even today it is common to have Korean teachers come to the dojang and train for a bit only to leave and merge the bit that they learned with whatever their regular curriculum included. They usually never neglect to mention that they trained with KIM Dojunim and make sure everyone is aware of it. FWIW.

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