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    Is this anything to do with choi kwan do??



    ''Master Ralph Allison (pictured on front cover of Tae Kwon Do Magazine on the left) is the founder of CHI COMBAT SYSTEM© incorporating CHI KICKBOXING© and CHI KARATE©. Our Founder started his Martial Arts training at an early age when he was 9 years old. He practised in the early days in numerous styles side-by-side with top name Instructors from all over the world in a variety of disciplines such as Judo, traditional Karate, Modern Arnis & Komaru Ryu Ju Jitsu to name a few. Now Master Allison is a sought-after top name instructor himself and the Founder of a martial arts system that puts YOU, the student, first.''

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9PjHNM-0UE&feature=channel_page"]YouTube - CHI COMBAT SYSTEM martial arts with Master Ralph Allison[/ame]
  2. Aegis

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    I believe he was/is a CKD instructor. Regardless, here's a fairly worrying quote from his website:

    This sounds worryingly like Go Kan Ryu's way of doing things...
  3. Aegis

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    He's definitely listed elsewhere as a CKD instructor, and stupidly enough the cover of Tae Kwon Do Magazine (one of the images that cycles through their home page) has had the cover slogan edited to say "Our instructor on the front cover" in some places and "Our instructor on the front cover", so clearly they believe they have something to hide in the original caption.
  4. Smitfire

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    Damn...he looks awful in the opening to that video. Like someone that's seen martial arts but never actually learnt how to do them. Arm punches, no hip movement and poor flexibility.
    I also don't think that helping osteoperosis is solely the reserve of martial arts either.
    Pretty much any physical activity or weight bearing sport will help maintain bone density I think.
  5. captainmoomoo

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    Clearly Mr Allison has left Choi Kwang-Do to found his "own" style. I remember he tried to give me quite a hammering a few years ago here on Martial Arts Planet when I posted up my experiences of CKD and why I had been expelled...

    The interesting thing is that I'm having trouble finding CKD mentioned at all on his site: http://www.blackbeltschoolsuk.com/about-gi-jeun-do.html
    Apparently his system "successfully COMBINED all that is useful from all styles that are known today," including Karate, Jiu Jutsu, Judo, and Kickboxing - but not Choi Kwang-Do!

    Not as interesting, but quite amusing is the video posted up by Kusa. The "opening sequence" punch/kick combination is something of an imitation of something similar performed by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi (CKD founder) in his old video, "Choi Kwang-Do Vol. 2"! The performance from Grandmaster Choi is infinitely better!

    If you check out his site you'll find loads of pictures of him performing, along with some of his students/staff, from which even any beginner martial artist should be able to deduce his skill level, however high or low that may be. I have to say one thing though - Mrs. Allison is hot!
  6. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    It seems incredibly dishonest to me to train in an art for many years then effectively pretend not to have done so. I rather doubt that for the entire time he was training CKD he was also training in karate, jujutsu, judo and kickboxing to the same degree of dedication, so why claim that those (mostly Japanese) arts are what he has blended into his new art when most of his training was in CKD, a Korean art? All his photos seem to show that he's still wearing a dobok rather than a Japanese gi (incidentally a typical dobok is utterly unsuitable for training in either judo or jujutsu, so I'm not sure how much of those can be said to have a place in his art), so he's obviously not left the Korean influences very far behind.

    All in all it's very weird, and I have some skepticism about the claims that this is in any way superior to even jujutsu on its own, let alone when combined with the other mentioned arts.
  7. Aegis

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  8. captainmoomoo

    captainmoomoo Valued Member

    Good observation on the Japanese background to the new system. It's also quite interesting that the name of his system is in Korean Hangul! And isn't "CHI" the chinese pronunciation of the Japanese/Korean "KI"?
  9. alister

    alister Huh?

    A pretty embarrasing character for the (very) few accomplished martial artists in CKD. Out and out self publicist and self prolcaimed master of the martial arts. The fact that he cites George Dillman to lend credence to his background is all I need to know.

    Marshall Pereira and his cronies were only too happy to let him make his outlandish claims all the while he was raking in the royalties. No idea why he split, but I magine some in CKD circles are relieved.
  10. captainmoomoo

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  11. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick


    This fella is on the front cover of this month's MAI. He must have paid Bob Sykes a fortune for the privilege.

    What a crock of turd.
  12. SideySid

    SideySid Valued Member

    HaHa this really is rather quite amusing! Havent been on these forums for a while and stumbled on this thread.

    I was a 1st Dan in CKD a few years back and trained with Mr.Allison, who is a wholehearted perpetrator of the Mcdojo philosophy.

    It now looks as things have now soured between him and Master.P, and Ralph obviously wasn't happy with the amount of money he was getting out of CKD, so it seems makes up a completely different martial art, complete with photoshopped new logos on the doboks of old CKD class photos on the home page!! Hilarious.

    I just feel for the 'instructors' that paid out 10k each for the 'specialised training' that ensured a quick 2 month route to black belt or whatever the ridiculous amount of time was. It looks as if they are now stuck in this new system, as I can see one of them in the locations and times on the site.

    I fully expect him to promote himself from 4th to 9th dan black belt in a very short space of time...watch this space.
  13. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Bwahahaha! This Alison bloke says on his site he's copyrighted the words Chi, Karate and Kickboxing. Even though no MAist would be sad enough to copy those names, I'm sure it's impossible to copyright words such as these which have been in the public domain for years.

    Only a 4th Dan and he's using the title 'Master'? I thought in most cases you had to be at least 5th Dan?

    He's another McDojo joker who won't last long.
  14. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    I knew his name was familiar!

    The entire article is just one big advert too.

  15. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    Well, he's looking to copyright the phrases "chi Karate" and "chi kickboxing" along with "chi combat system"... However, chi karate has existed for years:


    which would indicated that Mr Allison hasn't done his research properly (you can't copyright something already in use by someone else, after all). On top of that, the idea that you could copyright such a broad phrase as energy combat system, energy kickboxing or energy karate is basically laughable, and I very much doubt that any court would take the claim seriously if challenged.

    Of course, I'd usually prefer to actually use the correct language mix for a system, in this case "ki karate" (i.e. using Japanese throughout), so that might just have held if it weren't for the problem of prior use.

    Apparently the UK legal system backs up my position on this one:

    (emphasis mine)

    All in all, not really copyright material.
  16. Llamageddon

    Llamageddon MAP's weird cousin Supporter

    I think even ki karate would be problematic, considering the use of 'ki' in all syles of karate, even if it's just in the use of a kiai
  17. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Looks like he's trying to follow the example set by that geezer who founded Kuk Sool Won, who tried to copyright every phrase under the sun. Of course, in the case of Alison copyright won't apply because:

    ...certainly doesn't apply to that Chi Combat BS.
  18. eedan

    eedan Valued Member

    Well, it's mostly in the fine traditions of CKDMAI. Hopefully it isn't as big a scam as their programme
  19. Aegis

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    Do you have any concrete details about this programme? Either the new one or the old one. More research for my article ;)
  20. Obewan

    Obewan "Hillbilly Jedi"

    You've got to be kidding

    The "geezer" you mentioned is Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh and the only phrase I'm aware that is copyrighted is "Kuk Sool Won" and perhaps World Kuk Sool Association as well as the logo. FWIW

    Back on topic: The first look at that vid I was waiting for the punch line, I can't believe this guy is serious. I wouldn't even yellow tip someone who punched like that.... (sorry had to dry heave) makes me sick to think that he's a part of the MA community let alone the KMA. I'm glad he went "chop sewey" so no one has to be associated with that crap!

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