Chiro vs physio?

Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by matveimediaarts, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. McBryde Mats

    McBryde Mats New Member

    I'm real lucky, i have my chiro and physio in the same offices
    I get an hour sports massage then head directly into the chiro for adjustment
    the benefit of this to me is beyond what words can describe

    yes, this is the highlight of my life right now
  2. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    It sounds like you are having a great time and I am sure that it's doing you a world of good. Interesting that you are seeing 2 people in a row. Do you have to pay twice? Here in the UK your physiotherapist would also do the joint work (manipulation/adjustments or whatever one would like to call things). Alternatively people might go to see an osteopath which is closer to a physiotherapist in approach than the majority of chiropractors.

    Let's hope that you get better soon and don't need to keep paying for these treatments for too long. The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is being able to return to doing all of the stuff you love to do.


  3. McBryde Mats

    McBryde Mats New Member

    oh no, I'm not injured at the moment...I'm just old and like preventive maintenance :) but yeah, i have to pay both of them, they are individuals that work out of the same office/ health centre... i use 2 different guys because they are specialised in their respective skill sets... i get an appointment with the both of them at least once a quarter, expensive, but its money WELL spent for me!

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