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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Maarten, Dec 25, 2019.

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    My name is Maarten and I am new to this forum. Last year I returned from living in China and studying martial arts for eleven years. The last thing that I learned before leaving China is how to wield a sabre. Below you will find a link to my latest instructional video (including fencing!) and my website. Enjoy!

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    Nice work.
    Care to share a little information about the type of sword and
    history behind it.
  3. Maarten

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    Sure, will do, Windwalker..

    Shanzhaidao is an internal system that focuses exclusively on learning techniques and strategies with the Dadao, a type of two-handed Chinese sabre that was still being used on the battlefield as recently as WWII, and developing the power to apply them in full-contact fencing. Here is what a Dadao looks like:

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    Nicely filmed and welcome to MAP!

    Eleven years is a long time to be away. It must be strange to be back home. What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed now you’ve moved back?

    Also, are you planning to teach sabre now?
  5. Maarten

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    I'm actually not back home, but living in the States, as my parents live here. I also lived here for a while before moving to China, so I am still "back". It is strange. I miss China a lot. If you watch some of my other videos you will see that I had a very adventurous lifestyle over there. I rode over 80000km on my motorbike and explored remote areas where foreigners have never been. I studied Gongfu five or six days a week between four and six hours every morning for many years. It is very hard to come back from that to the comparatively boring life here...

    That being said I couldn't stay in China either. There is no future there for foreigners, as we can never become a citizen and things are changing rapidly - for the worse. As such, I made the decision to return and go back to school.

    That latest video was shot here, so yes I am teaching it in Lansing, Michigan, although it has been difficult to find students. In China you just trained in the parks and they found you. Here I don't know... Anyways, thanks for asking. :)
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    That must have been an amazing motorcycle trip! It must seem a bit boring in the US, and a big adjustment.

    Good luck with your teaching. You’ve probably studied more gongfu than many US teachers, so I wish you well. Unfortunately, I imagine you’ll have to learn marketing to find students in the US :)
  7. Maarten

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    Oh, I didn't travel that far in one trip! That was years of thorough exploration. It was amazing, though. It's what I miss the most. I never knew what I'd find, whether it be lost ruins, people living in the past or exotic wildlife in the jungles... I think that I need to move out West in the US. That's where the action seems to be.

    Thanks, mate. I think that you're right about the marketing, but I've decided to go back to school and pursue a different career, so I'm not too worried anymore. It seems like interest in traditional martial arts is waning...
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