Chinese Stone Lock training and conditioning

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by slipthejab, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. CrowZer0

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    Nice vids, question, what are the benefits of using stone locks instead of say kettlebells? I understand the stone locks are heavier, but couldn't one start with kettlebells?
  2. 19thlohan

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    Of course they could. Stone locks are just a traditional Chinese strength training tool. Kettle bells are pretty much the same thing but indigenous to a different area. One may even be based on the other.
  3. jmd161

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    If you're asking me?

    I'd say the loc's are better for the arm conditioning because it strikes a larger area of the arm for conditioning. The kettlebells would focus more on a particular spot. Over all... I think they're the same if using them in the vids slip posted.
  4. slipthejab

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    Well first off... they don't have to be mutually exclusive. You don't have to use one over the other. Both can be used. The same way many KB drills can be done with dumbbells... or for that matter even broken bits of pavers as in my video here in the MAP members drills and skills thread. That exact same drill can be done about a dozen different ways.

    If you look at the videos and the pictures in this thread you'll notice that stone locks come in all weights. There is a massive variety so lots of carry over. The handle configuration and clearance is clearly difference. The sharp angles on a stone lock could possibly cause real problems if you didn't make any adjustments for them with certain KB swings etc.
  5. slipthejab

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    No worries. It's often hard to make certain types of humor work on forums. But good to see people getting involved in the thread!

    Nice! I've wondered about this.. I'm thinking a bit of rebar and knocked together wooden form and just pour and let set.

    Ok interesting. Love it when people start building their own kit.

    Ok I will have to check this out a bit further then!
    Hmmm... I know a guy or two who train this here. Interesting. I'll ask around.

    I'm curious if the character is the same simply as 'stone locks' or if the type with rope or flexible handles have a different name.

    yes this is awesome. Well looking getting something similar for core work. The barrel rolling done by the Shuai Jiao guys looks similar. Only perhaps as the diamter is wider and the path of motion is elliptical. Is yours used for strikes - as in then a turn of the grinder part - or as a core/waist strength developer or both?
    Too right. Nice to see someone using a common sense approach to it.
    Yes this would exactly be my worry... the same type of motion while unpleasant with a KB would only be impact whereas the edge on these locks could cut skin.

    The pics you've posted are great stuff! A good contribution to the thread!
  6. jmd161

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    That's what my training brother did minus the rebar....

    If, we train as planned tomorrow... i'll ask my sifu and then post it here.


    You can't tell in the picture but the dummy moves... It's best used with two persons the harder and faster you strike the dummy the harder and faster it strikes the other person... It's called "dummy taking advantage of the opponent" lol

    Yes! I can attest to that... I've been cut and bruised by the loc's. The motion to get them moving really is tough in the beginning.

    No problem glad to be involved!
  7. axelb

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    Just thinking, I'm living on a building site at the moment, might pop over the road and borrow a few blocks for some key lock training.

    ... if I don't post for a while it's probably because I broke my back.
  8. slipthejab

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    hahaha... there are so many drills you can do with some simple blocks. It's almost endless. The stone locks are often referred to in China as 'the farmers favorite sport'... my guess is because farmers are dead strong for the most part from manual farm labor. Chinese farmers and stone locks... Farmer burns and farmer walks. I'm sensing a theme here! :)
  9. Chimpcheng

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    Ahhh man, I was winding my way through a department store and chanced upon the sports section, on the periphery of my vision I thought I saw a stone lock.

    Could it be? Were 'John Lewis' selling stone locks as a training aid? I dashed over, wallet leaving my jacket pocket as I edged ever nearer. Sadly I was met with crushing disappointment... was simply a small kettlebell in a rectangular box with the handle sticking out of the packaging... :(
  10. slipthejab

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    ahhaha... hope springs eternal eh?!

    Just take the lightest model you can find but then fill the box in with quick set cement. And you're on top of it! :D
  11. Northwind

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    I loved reading that - twas like a lil mis-adventure :)
  12. Patrick Smith

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    Hey Slip,

    I found this old clip of karate training tools on Youtube and it has Chinese Locks in it!

    [ame=""]YouTube- Okinawan Karate Training[/ame]

    I just love all these old tools...
  13. Patrick Smith

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    Not too sure if this is acceptable for this thread, but I found a website that sells stone locks and instructional tapes:

    Although I think buying some would be a waste of your money. For a $5, 80lb bag sakrete you can make FOUR 20lbs! Is that a good deal or what. :p
  14. slipthejab

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    Ah yes I came across that site a while back as well. Much like KB's the cost of shipping th stupid things makes them a problem. Which means a cottage industry for anyone enterprising enough to start making stone locks in their area! :p
  15. Patrick Smith

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    There wouldn't be a point in starting a stone lock business where I live (deep south). Most of the people here are do-it-yourself types, and they'd just look at my mine, say, "I see how you made that," and make their own. :p
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    nice thread. cheers
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    The one difference I see from kettlebell's is that you can balance stone locks on your elbows & forearms as they have a flat base. This would have benefits for Iron Arm training.

    Also they are easier to make as you just need a mold - alpha plaster & steel shot to mix in with the plaster.

    This will give you a steel lock harder than marble but with added steel weight.

    You will have to make your own molds but possibly can have them made - check out slaters hardware as they sell molds for atlas balls and giant dumbells.

    Another thing you could do is make your lock with an extra thick handle for grip strength advantages.

    Also check this link for pangai noon training stones design & use

    Another link for japanese stone gear

    These are for grip strength irradiation training unlike locks & kettlebells.

    Are there any Chinese books on stone lock training & what is it called in Chinese please ?

    I want to add - I too was planning to make a dummy from steel scrap, my expense was finding a large diameter pipe for the main section - now I see I can do it with concrete - brilliant

    A dummy for $100 that's super hard.
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  18. slipthejab

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    I'm working at the moment on some translations of Stone Lock training manuals. It's slow going to say the least and most of them are either out of print or supplemental to other manuals to say the best.

    2011 should be a new year of goodness for the Stone Lock training! :)
  19. gareththomasnz

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  20. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    That sound interesting! I'm just wondering, when you say some of them are supplemental to other manuals, is this because the stone locks were a conditioning tool specific to some kung fu styles and even more so specific techniques and body methods? In any case it would be interesting to see what sort of corelation there is between practice/application and how this compares to western sports science methods.

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