China's Sharp Power and Silencing Dissent.

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    As some of you may know I used to live in China for a long time. I don't usually make political posts but I think that the straw has broken my proverbial back. I recently came across an article in The Economist which I think perfectly sums up what it's like in China and what the Chinese Government is doing both nationally and on the world stage.

    I've been saying it off the record for way too long. China's current leader, Xi Jingping is one of the most dangerous people in the world. As the article says he has consolidated his position in some very heinous ways. Many people that have opposed him have been detained or just plain disappeared under the guise of fighting corruption.

    Living over there was somewhat surreal in an Orwellian sense. It is just so strange talking to someone on the phone or sending texts messages knowing full well that someone else is listening and watching. It's gone even further recently from what I've heard. Now there is a points system in place that penalizes citizens for badmouthing the government online.

    In the last 10 years, the Chinese Government has been so smart when it comes to repressing their people. They watch what happens in other countries and take preventative measures to make sure the same things don't happen domestically. Facebook was allowed in China until it came out that the revolution in Egypt was mostly organized over social media. Even when the light was on Beijing when they hosted the Olympics they managed to tighten the lid on everything just a bit more. Every time something happens the lid gets a little tighter on China.

    It's scary to think about but I think it is more important than ever to start having conversations about what the Chinese government is doing to both their own people and our own.

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