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    What conjecture and hearsay? Chang Dojunim has not been in touch with anyone that knows him in Korean in years.

    Where is he teaching?

    He had a large commercial Dojang for years, and has not taught at the UN for quite some time.

    I have had the honor of meeting and speaking to him, and my instructor was the MC at the ceremony where he was publicly named Dojunim. Who are you speaking to? Your entire post is simply hearsay otherwise.

    The wiki article is incorrect - no 10th Dan has ever been issued, and I have seen the dojunim certificate and it does not indicate such a numerical rank.
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    Hi again
    I believe in manhattan and its been
    Continuous because I asked periodically
    When I was going to come to ny on my trip that
    kept getting delayed I asked. I asked again recently
    and they said yes.

    There is a 10th certificate and its seperate
    from the grandmaster certficate what I heard from a person who researched it
    and saw all the proof.
    There are a couple of articles in the works from the looks
    of it to clarify it all.
    Like in most arts the successor gets the the final rank
    and the grandmaster ship. I'm sure in time from
    What I am gathering all the documentation and photos will be presented which
    will help further the history a bit or at least offer some more views on it.

    I enjoy the hapkido threads on here and the
    Other forums. I like the historical and the
    Different people. Not a hapkido man just have
    Some close friends and instructors who are.

    I guess I have to wait to get to NYC to further
    any contributions which are secondhand from people (who i know personally
    and can attest to their skill) to the thread and I will be able to sit down with everybody, train and look
    at some of the stuff from the looks of it which will be all firsthand. Didn't mean
    Any disrespect just sharing some of the things from
    people who were very good at offering and sharing openly with me. Thought it might help since
    there is very little on GM Chang.
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    Thanks for posting. When you see the GM can you try to photograph his 9th/10th dan certificate along with any other documents that he might like you take pictures of? Also, If you could get video of him doing techniques that would be awesome. Please ask him about his training with GM Choi.

    I know this is alot to ask, but if you were able to do any of this, it would clear up so many questions that Hapkidoist have, as well as preserving as much of Hapkido history as possible before it is GONE FOREVER. Future generations won't have the benefit of talking with GM Chang unlike our generation, and will deeply regret those of our generation of failed to talk, interview, and document as much as they could of the man.

    I know he is a private man, and everyone always says to respect his privacy, but still, he took on the responsibility of being the head guy in Hapkido or at least in North America, so a few polite questions and photos wouldn't hurt here or there. You don't become President of anything and have the right to expect no inquiries or photos or interviews. :)

    - Brian
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    Can you please find out where in Manhattan?

    And yes, I would like any information on a 10th dan certificate, I have spoken to people that were there, and seen Chang Dojunim's Certificate book in person, as well as talked to him at length, and did not see a 10th dan certificate like the 9th dan I know he received, numbered 1.

    He is in possession of the only Dojunim certificate that was issued by Choi Dojunim himself; again I have personally spoken to the men that were part of the process that chose Chang Dojunim.

    Also, the wiki article notes that Chang Dojunim received "full documents and recordings of the system" - again, this is something I would very much like to see.
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    Cool, will see what I can do most probably when I am there and see it happening.

    From the message I got back he will show all his certificates up to and including 10th dan and the seperate grandmaster appointments (for the whole world not north america). Its being worked on I guess maybe some articles and things like that. So it sounds like we'll get it all cleared up soon in terms of solid proof and more writing on the topic. Thats all I know for now! Hope it happens but i will meet with him when i can.

    I'm learning alot here from you guys. thanks!
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    hi jaggernautico, can you ask your friend if Chin Il Chang is still taking students at this point even through interviews? one of my training partners has moved to manhattan, and would be interested although he is finance and works sometimes later than the 9-5 shift. i would greatly appreciate it.
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    Read chinil chang’s chronicle “the heir to the hapkido empire” now on planet martial art.
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    We heard you the first time.....
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    Sorry i didn't know every one get it. Thanks as I am learning how to use the site.
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    So I'm going to make a suggestion.

    Learn how to use this site before hitting "Submit Reply" 6 times for exactly the same post. :)

    Learn how to use the site before posting anything else at all, because at the moment you are in danger of looking like someone here with the sole aim of pushing your own agenda, and that isn't what MAP is for. That sort of approach will get you banned.

    Relax and take your time to understand how MAP works, then feel free to join in any of the many and varied discussions out there :)

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    Chinil Chang always knew that his history was being written, So much so that it was his way of repenting to expire sincere regrets of wrongdoing with deep regret. As he turned his full attention to the Lord Jesus Christ who he talks about forever till death. So there was never any libel written words or slander spoken. Chinil Chang agreed for the history of the Heir to the hapkido Empire 10th Dan Doju be exposed. Otherwise, he would have been the first to object to its publishing. There was much time that Chinil Chang didn’t show out for teaching class, This was the norm as stated in the chronical. The students would come to class work out without Chinil Chang and then go home until the next session. which is why no one knew that he had passed. Until his sister called the police for a wellness check. since not hearing from him in several days. when the police arrived and gain entry to the apartment where they found him face down in the bedroom. Now because it was unclear for how long Chinil Chang was deceased, So he was pronounced Feb 23, 2018, at about 2:00 pm. until a further report from the coroner and until the family writes a farewell obituary which will then be made public. So now all of you can come back with your slanders and be liable for what you write.
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    The obituary is correct(outside of anything XMAN adds to it or says). It was handled by the Chang family so I assume all the details are accurate.
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    There is a nice set of material from Chang Dojunim's collection posted up now. Scroll through the tabs for the various categories. Chinil Chang Hapkido Archive
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