Chidaoba - Georgian Cultural Wrestling

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    Chidaoba is a truly wonderful style of cultural wrestling that has a huge influence on Sambo and is the foundation for many Georgian Judokas and Georgian Wrestlers.

    It is a type of jacket wrestling that is very technical and due to the build of the jacket Chidaoba has evolved some very specific and unorthodox grips that have been taken into modern Judo and Sambo - such as what is called "The Georgian Grip".

    It is practiced by most of Georgian youth and is truly revered in Georgian society and it is a really effective grappling art when we are talking about throws.

    The most interesting aspect of Chidaoba is the fact that the founders of Sambo thought that Georgian Chidaoba was in fact much superior in many of the throws and sweeps than what they learned in Judo, we can see this with some of the unorthodox throws we see in Sambo today (Generally coming from Chidaoba)

    I recently wrote an article on Chidaoba if you guys want to learn about this Georgian style of wrestling, not much info out there on the art but I tried my best in writing the best article possible on the art, enjoy:

    Georgian Chidaoba Wrestling - Amazing Wrestling Style

    There are plenty of cultural wrestling style in the world, lots that have a forgotten history and influence on the martial arts we practice today, Chidaoba is one of the most interesting ones for sure.

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