Chi Mater/Hypnotist comparison

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Putrid, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hannibal

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    Lou, just concentrate on your resume and job hunting for now...this is not going to help it!

    Good luck
  2. AndrewTheAndroid

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    There is no society where push hands is common knowledge. I live in China right now and I can tell you that 99.99999999% of Chinese have no idea what push hands is. And that is the society where Taiji was formed. Even in the Taiji community most people tell you to practice your forms for 10 years. Which IMHO is utter horse dung. When someone tells me that, what I hear is "I am not good at push hands and am to afraid to get knocked over and lose face in front of my other students."

    Push hands is a physical skill set and just like any other physical skill set, you only get good at it by working hard at it. You don't get good at it by levelling up your magica and learning new destruction spells.
  3. Hannibal

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    FUS RO DAH!!!!
  4. LilBunnyRabbit

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    No, what entangles photons and other quantum particles are quantum interactions between probability funtions.

    Please stop with the quantum thing already. You've already made your lack of particle physics knowledge quite clear to anyone with a clue and it's now getting depressing, like watching a squirrel try to understand relativity.
  5. Taiji_Lou

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    Sneezing Panda: I was actually talking about India.
    Besides, Master Hoy Lee let me play push hands after just a month and a half. He didn't ch'i me into a mirror, though. Just did basic stuff. Who said anything about magic? this is basic stuff.... you try my exercises and see what you think THEN, until you do it's pointless to argue about it.

    Trixbox bunnywabbit: events? you're saying photons are entangled because entanglement comes from the entangling. there has to be a physical basis, not just events for the sake of events. I get it, believe me. The real answer is that scientists don't know what links photons. quantum interactions between probability funtions = the observed effect of entanglement, not the physical basis for the entanglement. however, as always I'm here to LEARN.... so if you're gonna take me to school then please do.... as you know the edjumacation here in the states has left a big gaping hole in my learnin....
  6. Putrid

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    Yes,it does work as you say but what exactly are these feelings and where do they come from? Now this would be something that is valid to research but no serious scientist is going to risk his reputation researching something that is mixed up with circus antics.The so-called chi masters who do these demos kill things stone dead when it comes to qigong/chi kung being taken seriously by the scientific community.These demos are just an exhibition of an over inflated ego and have nothing whatsoever to do with proper chi kung.
  7. AndrewTheAndroid

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    Push hands is common knowledge in India? Can you show me some pictures of little Indian kids playing push hands on the streets of Mumbai? This would explain why Indians are dominating the Taiji community. Oh, wait a minute, they don't.

    I don't need to sit in front of a computer with my palms up, or try any other exercise you dream up, to know that it's a complete waste of time and will have absolutely ZERO effect on my push hands skills. If you want to get good at push hands, then you have to push hands.
  8. LilBunnyRabbit

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    Okay, firstly you need to understand what quantum entanglement is. It isn't a case of a particular interaction occurring, and then the particles are forevermore linked, it's that the particles interact and can then be described by the same equation - while the measurements are indefinite. When you then measure one particle, you will find that the other takes on a defined complementary state (when you subsequently measure it).

    Whether this is because the particles did in fact take that state at the point of interaction is hard to judge, since in order to determine this you have to measure the particles. Measuring them means that their state is then determined.

    And it isn't just photons. Why are you obsessed with photons?

    No, there doesn't. Quantum interactions are in fact exactly that - events which occur. There may or may not be an underlying cause, but it certainly is not chi.

    No you don't.

    :bang: Firstly it isn't just photons. Why the photon obsession?

    Quantum interactions occur with every single system small enough to have a probability waveform which can be preserved for a measurable period of time before collapsing.

    No. The observed effect of entanglement is that, when you collapse one probability function by measuring a property of one entangled particle, the probability function of the corresponding particle can later be found to have collapsed in a complementary manner. Whether it does this at the time of measurement (of the entangled particle or the original particle) or at the time of interaction is not something which can actually be determined - since to do so you would have to measure the particles.

    No, as always you're here to try and preach your own woo version of how quantum field theory means that chi is real.

    Evidently, but I'm afraid I don't think I could pay for the necessary foundation courses in particle physics and mathematics.
  9. Taiji_Lou

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    lilRabbitthatnevahwas: please excuse my dear aunt sally's obsession with photons.

    Events occuring because of occuring... sounds like the definition of Lila Rasa to me. I apparently DON'T get it. I do not know. But it's so interesting that I can't... stop.... looking..... at it.....

    You said "Quantum interactions occur with every single system small enough to have a probability waveform which can be preserved for a measurable period of time before collapsing."

    Does that mean that every particle that exists is connected?

    the neat thing is that they react in a corresponding way, right?

    Ch'i is real. But I'd rather get a better understanding of this physics stuff. I hereby promise to not use physics as a means to push my woo woo from here on out.

    Putrid: I've got plenty more of those exercises that all do different stuff. You should try condensing breathing: the link to your inner ecstasy.
  10. LilBunnyRabbit

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    Debatable - some may not be.

    Then again if we find the Higgs boson, it would suggest that every particle which has mass has gained that mass through interaction with the Higgs, so yes, there would be a connection of sorts.

    Close, the neat thing is that the measurement of the corresponding particle results in a complementary measurement. Whether they're reacting or not is debatable - and there's no way to check.

    Thank you.

    I know how to get to my inner ecstasy. There's a lot of heavy breathing, but I'm not sure about condensing.

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