Chi Mater/Hypnotist comparison

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Putrid, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Push hands is fun, but if you're with a master he will incorporate the ch'i and move you without touching. It's true as true can be. Find someone who can demonstrate it and just go do it. It'll be worth the effort.

    You do ju jitsu? I thought you played patty cake. I'm joking! Where do you train? What's your fight record? BJJ is awesome, but not as awesome as WWE.
  2. Hannibal

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    Chi is body tensegrity and nothing more - there is nothing to show it exists and plenty to show it doesn't

    My record? In what exactly? I am TECHNICALLY 1-1 in MMA (having fought in KSBO and losing my second fight to Michael Bisping via armbar). I trained with Chen Moraes and Jack McVicker in BJJ. I have trained Sambo with Steve Crutchley and Matt Clempner
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    Ch'i is an unmeasurable wavelength which connects nanoparticles and can be manipulated by the mind. I'm not really sure where you get your definitions from.

    Wow... sounds like you're a really good fighter. Just try and keep in mind that you're an athlete and you've got some skills that most people don't have. I'm not saying you should be humble, but at this point friendliness is the bear's best friend, so to speak.
  4. Hannibal

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    Nonsense - there is NOTHING to support this assertion. The best description is that it is bio-tensegrity. There is not one shred of evidence to support anything else, and plenty to support bio-tensegrity

    I am not a good fighter I just know how to scrap a bit and can hold my own. I am certainly no athlete and most of my fights are done strictly on the cobbles due to professional requirements
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    Playtime! :)

    Wavelengths do not connect particles. Wavelengths are a measurement of one particular property of a wave. A wave can describe innumerable phenomena, from ocean waves to electromagnetic to sound - just saying something is a wavelength is completely useless in trying to define it (unless you're doing frequency analysis of course - slightly different matter then).

    In fact you cannot, by definition, have an unmeasurable wavelength - since then it would not be a wavelength in the first place. Wavelength is, itself, a measurement.
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    Mr. Bunnyofdeathanddoomlikeinmonteypython: well, bully for you. wavelengths are a measurement and to this brilliant, shining fact I humbly gasho.

    what about quantum entanglement? explain what connects photons?
  7. Hannibal

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    Why is it that as soon as there is an evidential stumbling block, then those dipsosed to believe in fluff leap for "quantum" when they are in a corner?
  8. Putrid

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    That is partly true.What we don't know is if it is the master moving you or you moving yourself.Yu Pengsi was exceptional in this area but even he admitted it was just a training exercise and had little use in combat.Interestingly he could move bigger guys who were not his students and didn't practice chi kung so that kills the "chi coat" theory.

    There are numerous ways to achieve this phenomenon.

    1.The chi coat theory which the above disproves.I should imagine the student has been conditioned to believing his chi is connected to that of his master.

    2.Student infatuation which is a form of self hypnosis.

    3.The fear factor.Condition the student over several weeks by punching him the face during training.Eventually he will act in a subconscious manner and do anything to avoid getting a repeat of the experience.I have been told that Systema's Mikhail Ryabko possibly uses this method.

    4.Hypnosis.This can be done over several weeks so the student is well conditioned by the time of the demo.
  9. Taiji_Lou

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    because if we are not humble we shall anger the gods of particle accelaration and they will send an army of gremlins to fluff up the works, so to speak.
  10. Taiji_Lou

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    It's all of these things.
  11. Hannibal

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    That says even less than usual
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    alright, fellas. it's been really good stopping by for a few days. I gotta get back to work stuff. I'll drop by in a week or two. LATER, YALL! :p:D
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    So long Lou, have a good one
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    Some people are born mugs.Fancy paying out good money to be infatuated by someone who punches you in the face,brainwashes you,and then makes a fool out of you in public.
  15. LilBunnyRabbit

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    Explain in? Nope. No explanations need to be involved. Describing it is easy.

    Explanations suggest that there's a why to the whole thing - in the case of physics the answer is 'because that's the way things are'.

    Might have to change my username.

    You've met my ex-wife?
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    Uh no it's not. We are not really sure where you get your definitions either.

    Translation: Trust me "chi" IS real and you guys don't know what you are talking about.

    Seriously though, I've tried to be open about chi in the past and even tried to experience it from an expert. Maybe I wasn't receptive enough or I was negating it with my bad chi.

    I would like someone to really knock me on my butt using their chi and if they do I will be the first to signup. I wish I lived closer to that "human stungun" guy. :rolleyes:
  17. Taiji_Lou

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    You don't have to trust me. I was doing stuff for my resume, and I didn't think I'd really get too much downtime, and I won't, for the next few weeks. I've got about an hour before I have another job interview today, so here I am!

    If you are interested, please keep in mind that it's not a martial art technique. It's a game played by two people who are cooperating with each other. It doesn't connote subordination, only participation. If you haven't been thrown by ch'i yet, it's because you too intent on "winning" the push hands, which isn't the purpose of push hands anyway. It's to develop sensitivity.

    Do you want to experience ch'i? Try this exercise then, right at your computer. Place your hands on your lap, palms facing upward. Now take a deep breath in through your nostrils. When you exhale through your nostrils, suggest to yourself that you are exhaling though your hands, instead of your nostrils. Fill your hands with ch'i in this way. Do it 9 times. Stay very, very relaxed, do not tense your hands or any other muscles. Breathe slowly and quietly. You should be aware that your hands are now very charged with a magnetic type of energy. Your hands may "tingle", or feel very hot, or feel pressurized. Try it around areas with little musculature, especially your knee joints, your feet, and your head (not too much with the head, mind you.). If you practice this simple exercise with determination and with relaxed focus, you will experience ch'i for yourself.
  18. AndrewTheAndroid

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    It's to develop sensitivity so that you can make the other person eat grass. It's got nothing to do superpowers.
  19. Taiji_Lou

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    Unless you live in a society where this is common knowledge. Then it's just a matter of not being inferior to the lowest level students.
  20. Taiji_Lou

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    And to further comment: perhaps it is this "nothing" that entangles photons....

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