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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Telsun, Mar 23, 2003.

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    Seito, show me.
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    I cannot Show you Through my comp but i can tell you were to find a usefull resource........Go to yahoo and Search EXPERT KI The First link should take you to a place called iris.......It has planty of Usefull info on KI MANIPULATION....
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    I love the scientific theory of ki on that website. Absolutely hilarious.
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    lol..........indeed. 'tis how the cookie crumbles
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    isn't that a kind of online gaming site?
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    This is just my theory, so please, no one take offense...

    I think that there is no physical "chi/ki". Instead, I think chi is the combination of good timing, technique, body mechanics and power that allow a technique to reach its full potential.
    For everyday "life energy", I think chi is the combination of right nutrition, sleep, physical and mental stability that allow for a completely healthy state of being.
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    good anwer rhineville san, good anwer
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    *Applause :D
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    i have been studing tai chi for half a year now and i have came to the conclusion that there is a feeling i get when practising and i can be described as a warmth in the hands (presonlay i feel its more like when u have been holding some weights for to long and u put them down)and the well balanced person i am i go to my karate traning arfter and i seem more responsive and stronger im not saying this is a form of life energy but i do conclude That there is some factor that isnt just concentration or extra stretching
    so in short there i feel there wont be a time of the dragon ballz/street fighter energy blasts but there is a factor of human biology that allows for energy from one place or another to help improve your fighting prowess.wether this is just concentraition sending extra blood to the working mucles or a persons life energy(i would define this as the natural electricalal charge that people are born with)

    however this is just a idea i have been fiddeling with whenever i ask the question to myself and any feedback would be apprichiated
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    Chi has about 300 different definitions depending on who you ask. Anyone who says "it is this..." is probably just re-hashing what they were told. No-one has EVER proven chi - and STILL has $1million to anyone who can.

    Even Chinese masters cannot agree on what chi is (See "Chinese Boxing" by Robert W. Smith- I counted at least three explainations including one chinese master saying "it doesn't exist").

    Cobblers - there is nothing done with chi that cannot be replicated by anyone just using mechanics of the body. It is esotericism for its own sake. If you can prove otherwise, go claim your money from Randi.

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    There are many kinds of Chi. Most people seem to think it's a one thing, but that is not true. Don't know much about it though. Sure do believe it, but can not explain it. Why should it be explained when it just can be experienced.
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    You experience gravity every single day, but we still explain that, and with chi it can't just be experienced. At least, despite searching long and hard for it, I've never seen it demonstrated in any form beyond simple biomechanical or psychological trickery.
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    the law of conservatio of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    which means energy has to come from something. I'd imagine someone collapsing to the ground if anyone can actually pull of a "hadouken".

    well i don't think it can be done
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    If you want to learn, just visit the link in my sig. if you somehow miss it, it's If you email me ( I can send you a document that explains everything in detail. I'm still developing it, so i'll send you an updated copy everytime i update it. In short, Chi or ki is the energy in your body, or rather one kind of energy. Three major classifications of bodily energy include:
    Chi/ki/qi- affects energy fields only, although it may be changed into jing when passing through an object. Metabolic byproduct, eminated from the bodily tissues, and circulated through the body by the kidneys
    Jing- a version of chi where the superstrings themselves are compressed, altering their energy/vibration rate. It affects the physical body. naturally created in the bones, where the spongy tissue makes chi which passes through the denser bone tissues and is converted.
    Kundalini- a dangerous energy that affects both energy fields and the physical body. It is the energy in the chakras and is also formed in the spine due to the interaction between the chi/jing producing vertabra and the electromagnetic field of the spinal chord.
    Others may exist and there are sub groups of them. I could get into more depth on the production and circulation of energy, but i don't want to take up half a page.;)
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    oops almost forgot

    oh hey Hannibal: they have proven chi, although the scientist who discovered it, Viktor Grebennikov, was neither looking to prove chi nor labeled his discovery as chi, even though that was it. Never the less he proved that psychokinesis was possible, moreover that it was probable. Furthermore I am studying the phenomena of Chi as we speak and each day i draw nearer to fully proving it beyond the shadow of a doubt. I estimate that by 2007 my findings will be published and the factuality of chi will be acknowledged. By now you must be wondering why if there's all this is happening, no one's ever heard of it. 1) few people talk with the proof are very open about it 2) Grebennikov was an entamologist who discovered psychokinetic abilites in an endagered species of bee and didn't want them to be exploited and possibly slaughtered, so alot of what he discovered isn't public. 3) international and linguistic boundaries 4) possibly governmental/diplomatic issues. If anyone wishes for me to give you the full load of conclusive proof, contact me and i'll show you.
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    I agree with the third post on this topic its all arounds us and its what creates life arounds us.
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    Has anyone on this forum heard of Dim Mak? The Five Element theory? Any pressure point theories and I mean chinese pressure point, not if you put a lot of pressure here it'll hurt, 'cause if you do that anywhere on the body it'll start to hurt unless you do the deep breathing techiniques and zone it out. Ok. So anyways. All of the traditional chinese medicines are based on the munipilation of the energy of the body, Yin and Yang energies.
    So starting with the elements each has a organ of the body that is connected with it Fire - the Yin organ is the heart and the Yang is the Small intestine, Earth Yin - Spleen and Yang - Stomach, Metal Yin - Lung Yang - Large Intestine, Water Yin - Kidney Yang - Bladder 2nd Fire(don't ask my why there are two I can't remember) Yin - Pericardium Yang - Triple Warmer, Wood Yin - Liver Yang - Gall Bladder. Now about pressure points, there are around 361 points all over the body, they're on 12 Meridians and each meridian has an organ thus each organ and element. Along with the 12 Oragan Meridians there are two others, conception vessel and governing vessel. Now how does this tie in with Ki, well that's what Dim Mak is, it's striking a single pressure points or a group of pressure points while using your ki to hit them. Dim Mak is a master techinique so after you've learned Tuite, Suite, Pressure points, and the five element system. Then theres Dim Mak. Any master who's seriously studied Karate and everything that is involved with it should understand Dim Mak or at least understand the concept. So I don't know if that really means anything to none believers or Ki. But I'll just say that I've done things and seen people do things that involve their ki and I defiinitly believe that it's real. That and sometimes scientific proof of anything isn't always the best thing to have, faith can do a lot.


    Oh and to all the people who hate DBZers, well I was one of them and then I became educated about what Ki really is, so they're not all bad ;)

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