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    Broken link. Doesn't work.

    Jesus Christ, I did a search on this Tom Proctor guy. Read this brilliant treatise on self defense and useful moves. Remember, it's more effective to kick somebody at the back of his thigh than in his groin!
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    The shield is simple and easy to do...but very effective in keeping an attacker at bay, protecting yourself from blows (especially when surprised), and "opening him up" to one of the above strikes. The Muay Thai kickboxers who fought Tom called this his "Voodoo Defense" because they were unable to get by it.

    Ooh, scary. He's sticking his hands out and shoving forward. I am totally unable to get by this.
    *knee* *knee* *leg kick* *leg kick* *leg kick*
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    The arm thing you could just puch to the side. Side kick? Upper cut punch?

    Some of the stuff could help untrained people but the rest is a little ackward.
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    This is great - you can almost hear the informercial voice when you read it... "the 'shield' can be 100% impenetrable against even the most expert black belt"

    Yeah, of course, no black belt I have heard of could ever get past someone who has their head down and their arms flailing straight ahead!!

    I spose some of it is useful - although I don't think they intended it to be so funny

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