Cheating in Muay Thai

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Pretty In Pink, May 24, 2015.

  1. Pretty In Pink

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    Didn't know you could do this:

  2. Mitch

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    Isn't that holding his leg together? Not like he's wolverine or anything!

  3. Mushroom

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    Reminds me of the time when Lex Luger was The Narcissist and his finisher was the Running Forearm. They then found out that he had a steel plate holding his elbow together and thats what was KOing his opponents...
  4. Mushroom

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    That is a gnarly leg bar though.

    In conparison here is Anderson Silva's bar.

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  5. Latikos

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    I have a plate similar to this in my arm on my ulna, including 9 screws.

    Got it, because I broke my ulna twice on the end of this January, so yeah, it keeps the bone together.

    Usually it gets removed around 12-18 months after the procedure (I really hope, I get to keep mine that long), because if removed too early, the bone might break again.

    I'm surprised he fought with it and that noone noticed though.
    A look at my arm shows where the plate lies, just because it "looks weird" and you can feel the plate right away, because it's pretty much right under the skin (not much space between bone and skin after all ^^)

    So I wonder how noone ever thought: "That loosk weird" or "That feels/ felt weird".
    But okay, I can only speak about my arm, might be totally different for him.

    And to be honest: It's very disgusting sort of pain when I knock the arm somewhere.
    Not a bad pain, as in strong, more as in "yuck that was distungly weird" ;) :D

    I'm not looking forward to any age-uke or soto-uke with the plate inside my arm.
    And neither do my partners, because apparently they can feel it too, because it's too hard.

    Which again makes me wonder: How nobody realized something was off.

    That and: Weren't there medical papers that said: "Hey, broken bone, so he has a plate now"?

    EDIT: My plate doesn't look nearly as extreme though.
    Then again, my arm is probably way smaller then his leg ;)

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  6. Fish Of Doom

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    honestly? i laughed really hard when i saw this. then again, i am an evil person :p
  7. Van Zandt

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  8. Southpaw535

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    Thing is, was he suspended because its an "unfair advantage" or was he suspended for not disclosing medical information?

    That screenshot doesn't actually say why specifically it was a problem.
  9. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Seems to be agains the rule set:

    A guy who joined our club this year has had a plate on his ulna as well, more to the elbow then myself, and he told me, that in a club he used to train, people told him they don't like doing blocks with him, because it actually hurt them, when there was too much force behind it - and they meant the plate, not the force itself.

    And this quote from the opponent, seems to say the same:
    After all, the titanium is near the surface and no one would want to hit a lamppost, just for fun.
    Or at least most people won't ;)
  10. Van Zandt

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  11. Mad Dog

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    I see nothing wrong with what he's done. What most people fail to realize is that there are two worlds. The first is the happy, sugar-coated, lie we tell ourselves. The second word, the real world, is a place of ugly death and unimaginable violence. And if you wish to survive, you have to be strong and do what is necessary. Otherwise, you'll find yourself on the losing end of the food chain.
  12. Van Zandt

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    Do you come up with this stuff yourself, or do you just string together cool quotes you find that make no sense whatsoever?
  13. Mad Dog

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    It's called life experience, bro. If you don't have any then I don't know what to tell you other than to get some.
  14. Simon

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    Mad Dog, you're a post away from taking a sit on the side lines for trolling.

    Your call.
  15. Mad Dog

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    Reading you loud and clear.
  16. Latikos

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    Aside from Redcoat Ninja already said: You do realize he was doing sports, where there is something called "rules"?

    Trolls are getting worse every day...
  17. conure1986

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