Changing TKD system?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Yang Dae-han, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. Yang Dae-han

    Yang Dae-han Realising the 'edit'

    Just curious for some feedback from foreigners...that is, non-Koreans (or those not in Korea).

    What would you do (change) to improve the Taekwondo system?


    By system, I mean the use of forms, style of kicks, sparring, implementation (if not already done) of meditation, or what-not related to TKD.

    I guess we could entertain promotion/growth, but that is really another subject....

    We had our assoc. meeting last night and discussed this....then thought that maybe you lots would think differently.

    I don't care about which association you belong to, just would like to hear what you think needs improvement.


  2. Kof_Andy

    Kof_Andy New Member

    Same test requirement for every assoication would be good, better off. There should be no other but kukiwon. I hate it when people look down other because there degree is USTU or what not, instead of Kukiwon approved.
  3. mountainsage

    mountainsage New Member


    reduce emphasis on competition. The emphasis of the sporting aspect has taken TKD to the top, yet it has also caused the moral decay of a respected system. It is good to have so many participates, but when your the butt of most MA jokes, then there is a problem.

  4. Helm

    Helm New Member

    Reduce the empasis on patterns, and include more self-defence, particularly grappling and training for street-fighting.
  5. Sub zero

    Sub zero Valued Member

    From my experience of TKD (which wasn't much, about twon years) less emphisis On sport. More realistic self defense.Hrder tougher training, conditioning.

    And IMO less emphisi on high kicks. But that's just my opinion.
  6. C.Henry

    C.Henry New Member

    :D For one thing, I would have a second look at the ITF Hyung as they were taught and practiced by the TKD Instructor Group, ROK Army. I've done the Pinans of TSD and Shorin Ryu, ITF and WTF forms and I personally think the ITF forms in their original form have not been improved upon or challenged. I realize they are not politically correct, but they are wonderful forms.
    The second thing I would suggest is to go to the trouble of learning how non-sport oriented systems teach and apply their kata/hyung. I've had the opportunity to study Chinese, indonesian, malaysian systems and I can tell you that I found out more about my TKD/TSD from Wing Chun and Kali than I could have learned from any pure WTF instructor.
    TKD has been taught in the US in such a way that the forms have been looked down on as being pretty to look at, but worthless as anything but a "pie in the sky" exercise that gives the students that are timid fighters something to do. The result has been the formation of "American Karate", which is just a tournament driven activity that has distanced itself from the classical martial arts and especially the traditional forms.
    This is my first post on this board and I want to make sure that if any part of my statement is interpreted as surly or unkind, I apologize. I respect all martial arts and especially the desire to pursue them in whatever manner anyone chooses. I'm just direct about stating my personal observations and beliefs.
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