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  1. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    have any bondy heard of this martial art?
    I'm really curious as to what some other peols opinions are on this.

    here the website for it.
  2. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    good marketing of expensive weapons I can make for $3 in the plumbing section....
  3. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    yeah thats what really got me and there are no *gasps dramatically* no axes.
    ButI heard it was fun. But then agin so's LARP to an extent.
  4. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    I mean...

    I'll sell you weapons

    Bo's start at $29.99

    lots of other weapons too....

    Videos $ 49.95

  5. Hakko-Ryu

    Hakko-Ryu New Member

    Chanbara? isn't that what they call Japanese Samurai flicks???

    yes it does...chanbara simply means "swordplay"
  6. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    yeah that where theuy got hte name for this 'art' from those sword flicks.
  7. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I've used the Actionflex Eskrima stick - they are without doubt the best of the type I've ever seen - and certainly way out of the "$3 from the plumbing section" league.

    As soon as funds allow I'll be buying at least 4 pairs.
  8. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    cool what about hte other 'ewapons' they sell
    its good to kno that atleast something they sell is worthwhile.
  9. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    Probably, but PVC across the shins makes such a cool noise ;)
  10. Joe karate

    Joe karate New Member

    Speaking of the escrima stick, we use the foam padded ones for sparring. They ar8e great because they are padded but do not bend and retain the thickness and length of a regular stick.

    How is the chanbara stick any better????
  11. ns_oni

    ns_oni Valued Member

    Chanbara was recently in a martial arts magazine i read, it sounded good...although it looked kind of funny all these grown ups posing with pieces of foam:D The magazine said that "chanbara" comes from the sounds of swords clashing or something :Alien:
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