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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Silatyogi, May 3, 2007.

  1. Steve Perry

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    I don't know, Todd. After watching that vid of him getting beaten on by that little girl with the sticks? How much Sera can he know ... ?

  2. SundaWarrior

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    Hello guys, I am writing from Jakarta. Thank you all for the kind blessings. I am training Cikalong under the direct lineage of Raden H. Ibrahim. I must first train in Jakarta before i go to Cikalong Cianjur because there is a process of acception i must go through but the Grandmasters have been kind enough to travel to Jakarta to personally train me here until I go to Cianjur.


  3. tellner

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    Good luck with your training. Cikalong is an amazing system which I wish I knew more about. The few glimpses have been fascinating. If you do get out here we'd love to have you come by, especially if you could be convinced to show us some of what you've learned.
  4. Silatyogi

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    Best of wishes and luck to you!

    Santiago Dobles
  5. windtalker

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    Saw title of thread and decided to check it out. Some interesting reading and good background on the subject of discussion. Now I have a question about what is being said here.

    What's the difference between this bickering of lineage and qualifications as opposed to similar examples going on elsewhere in various systems? From what I hear the same arguements exist in Modern Arnis and American Kenpo these days. Just on this site I've read about Wing Chun dealing with similar circumstances. And Jeet Kune Do has far more than it's share of politics.

    Sorry there is just one more question. Why learn from someone that you know is holding back possibly valuable material? There's a difference between paced learning and not being deemed 'worthy' of something. When the concepts and techniques of the art form are not being evaluated on a large scale the likelyhood of stagnation does seem present.

    Not looking to start a debate with either of the above observations. Nor is this an effort to specifically comment on politics that currently exist within a particular art form. Just some questions about the nature of the arguments and what they ammount to?

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