Chalenge no 1- explain how this is done without meditation and chi kung (prana work)

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    Well the thing is we attended because many different instructors teach at this event and it's typically pretty good physical training. It's just this particular instructor really really surprised us with his "content".
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    I wish I were that witty. Oh and when he asked that question it was clear that he wasn't looking for an answer.
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    True story: I once stopped a fight dead with a bong sau and a really stern look. I don't know how I did it without meditation and chi kung, but it's pretty much scientific proof that Chi is t3h r34l d34l and Wing Chun works in street self-defence situations, for all you H4T3R5 out there!

    Also, the guy meditates and messes with his internal temperature-majig. Big deal. I'd wager he probably has layers of that insulating-fat people exposed to a lot of cold water grow inside them, the freaks. I can't see a story here.

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    I once caused two referees to suffer adrenaline dumps during a karate contest.All I did was kiai.Funniest part of it was that one of them was my instructor and he had always told me how hard he was.
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    No one is immune to chi, especially not REALLY LOUD chi!
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    Yeah I've seen them and watched the human stun guy on Stan Lee's superhumans show on the history channel.

    My favorite line was when after watching the demonstration the host jokingly says something like "that was just ridiculous".
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    OK, who wants to start the thread "Kiai-jutsu--Real Deal,or Just Real Loud?" ?

    Hey, at least we can measure decibels!
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    First of all, we'd need a few preliminaries...

    Threads on whether the true kiai-jutsu lineage descends from China or Okinawa, whether or not Brazilian Kiai-Jiutsu is really real kiai-jutsu, how authentic Hatsumi Sensei's kiai-jutsu is, whether Bruce Lee could have beaten kiai-jutsu, why kiai-jutsu is better than Wing Chun, followed up by a pun-thread.

    THEN we can start discussing who's kiai-jutsu is loudest!

    (Answer: KRAV MAGA'S!!!!)
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    THIS is the only one worth doing!!

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    Sonic awesomeness
    Kiai Jutsu power roars
    Mom says be quiet
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    has only four syllables.
    How disappointing.
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    Evidence of why chi (as in the mystic aspect) is not taken seriously


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    My issue with the second clip (and the first actually) is that the mechanics are GROSSLY exaggerated by the students to the point of farcical. I wonder how much of this is students feeding into the Teachers belief in their own ability?

    Now if I were to post footage of the awesome Wang Shu Jin (again!) you can see the mechanics without the hype - you can almost feel the ass-kicking his moves would inflict....but I feel I would be flayed alive if I posted that clip for the 1,000th time!
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    Chinese have a different attitude to westerners when it comes to teacher/student relationships.They are almost obliged to be subservient to the teacher.I doubt if any teacher would do a demo in public against a non compliant opponent as he would be too worried about losing face.So these demos end up with one sole purpose and that is to make the teacher look good.Okay its their culture but when you get westerners acting in this manner in a western country something is clearly wrong.

    [ame=""]Gin Soon Chu, Dynamic Push Hand - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Hannibal

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    This is more convincing

  17. Hannibal

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    Now THIS I like....

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    Another good one here


    Nothing but decent mechanics all round here!

    This is why the "chi balls" brigade get my goat - there is some quality stuff out there that gets buried beneath a tidal wave of cack
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    That last clip was an excellent explanation of TCC application principles, very explicit mechanics and the fellow is truelly unbalancing the opponents.

    Loved the high pat the horse counter in mid air. Every now and then I try out stunts like that - which don't always work it has to be said.

    One small criticism is that the attackers are not always covering their centre-lines with defence and follow-up strike capability - but this is a weakness that see in quite a lot of TCC practitioners. In criticising others, I will add that I have many weaknesses myself - most significantly I am too easy to uproot from static postures e.g. fixed-step pushing hands (which is why I like to keep mobile.)

    We could really do with a 'martial' TCC thread or 2, disecting the techniques, principles, mechanics and application - so much more point than endless debates about the existence of Chi/pixie-fairys hiding under the mushrooms inthe garden/pseudo science BS etc.

    So grasping the bird's tail from Andrew Chung
    [ame=""]Sifu Andrew Chung Tai Chi Grasping Birds Tail - YouTube[/ame]

    and from Neil Rosiak showing the mechanics of grasping the bird's tail 'slowly' but demonstrating the martial application -- cant get this one to embed properly.

    Neil and Gabi going through some standard pushing hands drills.
    [ame=""]OLD TAI CHI - YouTube[/ame]
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