Carano vs. Rousey looks likely in December...

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Combat Sports, Jul 19, 2014.

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    Gama needed to cut nothing - the greatest Kushti wrestler of all time and nothing but function on that frame.

    Every single one of those girls will put in fight night weight too . If you can prove she was significantly bigger in photo form do so....$5 and a cheese pizza says you can't

    Both of us have a massive ego SiB....only one of us is entitled to it ;)
  3. Saved_in_Blood

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    yes, I am thank you.

    It's really not much of a fair point to attempt to find a picture of fighters in a cage. They aren't standing next to each other, whereas during the weigh in there are right there and it's easier to see. You can see from a lot of pics of her in the ring that she isn't nearly as cut, looking like she has to rehydrate quite a bit... and I don't know if the UFC does fight night weights or not, so even a picture could be deceiving. Overall to me, she looks bigger in the cage. Perhaps she is, perhaps not. IMO she looks like she is. Obviously in any picture that is of a weigh in or closer to it, they are in a calorie deficit. Rousey also only eats 1 meal a day (or so I read) during training, which also shows she has to cut more weight for a fight. A single meal or "the warrior diet" isn't exactly the most healthy way to go for a fighter who trains many hours a day, but that's obviously not the point. She would eat more if she could, but apparently she can't... this to me proves all I need to know. If it doesn't to you... well I don't really care.
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    By the time Ronda steps into the cage with Holly, you won't see her blocking punches with her face.

    As I mentioned before, it takes time to incorporate what one learns in training into actual live fights and I really don't think you will find another WMMA more adept at incorporating what her coaches are teaching her into live fights as you will Ronda Rousey.

    If Holly Holm (admittedly, I don't know enough about her at this point) shows similar translation skills, we might, at last, be in for a real fight.

    But my gut intuition is Holly will fall somewhere between the opening bell and the closing bell of round one.

    I don't think Holly will have a chance to utilise her boxing prowess. You can almost count on it.
  5. belltoller

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    I had a post on this a page or two far as the 1 meal a day diet goes, she did that when bringing her 154lb Judo-comp (160 walk about) weight down to 135. She no longer does that as it was very detrimental to her health.

    No way does she put on 20 lbs by fight night. I think she said in an interview her walk around is 10lbs over her weigh ins.

    Whatever the exact weight is, it isn't appreciably over what Tate or any of the rest put on on a percentage basis. < my opinion only, mind you :)
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    Rousey made 135 at a days notice during TUF just to show she could. That tells you that her walk around weight isn't that far away from 135.

    Zingano has a much better chance of beating Rousey than Carano. There's no sporting justification for the Carano fight, so can people please stop trying to invent one.
  7. Saved_in_Blood

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    Rousey cut 17 lbs to show that she could actually... which means her walk around weight is at least that much over fight weight.

    In the GIF she looks very classy btw.

    I also agree on the Carano fight... Gina is not a full time fighter and she will lose. If she wins of course that would change everything, but this isn't Rocky and things don't work like that most of the time.
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  8. Saved_in_Blood

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    so when she was younger she fought at 154 lbs? lol Now she fights at 135 years later. I do understand that you fight where the competition is, but that's quite a cut.
  9. holyheadjch

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    She was 17 lbs over inbetween training camps so she will cut less than that before a fight.
  10. Smitfire

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    IMHO when Rousey fought in judo as 154 she was carrying a bit of puppy fat as a older teen/early 20's girl. Nothing wrong with that at all but I think she's now got a more mature body and can lose weight in a more managed way.
    And obviously she now has access to wrestling based weight cutters that have it down to a fine art.
    And I don't know enough about her judo career to discount the idea that she fought at a higher weight due to conflict with another USA woman fighter, targetting a division with a gap in homegrown talent, lack of knowledge about weight cutting, etc etc.
    What I do know is that she makes 135lb just like all the women that she fights.
    I think she is stronger than other women she fights.
    I think she maybe puts more weight on post weigh in.
    But I also know her judo is top notch and she is adding to that to become a rounded mixed martial artist.
    The punch she staggered Davis with was a cross counter over a jab. That's not a basic punch to land. The missed left hook she threw right after was immediately turned into a clinch. That clinch was quickly turned offensive with a knee and harai goshi straight into scarf hold and GnP.
    Whatever her weight, strength or whatever that sequence is high level MMA.
  11. icefield

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    As was running with a stone ring round his neck weighing over 100pounds, digging the pit with a hoe weighing over 30kg, and swinging maces and stone locks weighing over 150pounds, all of which sort of counts as heavy resistance work, as does picking up other wrestlers weighing over 100kg
  12. Saved_in_Blood

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    Yeah, the old timers had interesting ways of training. Which is why guys are still swinging sledgehammers as part of their training. Good resistance, not to heavy, not to light.
  13. afhuss

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    Your body type for judo is different than MMA. In MMA you need more diverse body type, but some judoka like to have a lower center of gravity and have some more weight to them - particularly if your body-type is more sturdy at that weight than the average person.
  14. belltoller

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    Yes, on all accounts!

    Photo on top left taken at age 17


  15. Combat Sports

    Combat Sports Formerly What Works

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    Well, Carano can't work on a movie if her arm is broken..............

    .............which is a realistic possibllity when fighting Roussey.
  17. belltoller

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    Studios won't sign off on it? You'd have thought that hurdle to have been taken care of before now; certainly before Dana's announcement that its nearly a done deal.

    It could be that wiser-heads are getting through to her and she' finally beginning to see the folly of it.

    If the UFC is seriously interested in fostering WMMA, in finding legitimate contenders for Rousey, they could go to Japan where there are a few women's promotions that are thriving. I believe Invicta has a partnership with JEWELS which has a 61kg Middleweight division.

    Lets see...Takayo Hashi is often prominently mentioned...[​IMG] She's had some fights with some recognisable names. Yes, Sarah Kaufman in 2010 where she was...defeated. Ah! Here's one. Hashi fought Cat Zingano in 2011 and...was knocked out in the 3rd round...

    But look! She defeated Roxanne Modafferi in 2012. :thinking:

    Well...maybe not...
  18. belltoller

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    I don't think it her arm they are worried about. They can hide pregnancies with little problem.

    Its the face. But I've not seen where women have suffered permanent disfigurements fighting in sanctioned events in the West.
  19. icefield

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    I simply used it to point out that as well as light training they also did heavy resistance work so its hard to say what was responsible for his size shape and athletic ability, factor in the huge diet and the fact they were treated as pro athletes and the genetically gifted rose to the top and trying to use them as an example for anything is a bit useless
  20. Southpaw535

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    That lady in Warriors had a broken arm for some of the film for instance and they just gave her a coat.

    It could be good publicity for the film too. It can't be any worse than the films that normally sponsor ufc events.

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