capoeira in mma tournaments

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by wayofthedragon, Jul 12, 2005.

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    Now, that's cool. :cool:
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    It's an old article. According to sherdog, neither fighter has fought in any major tournaments since 2003. Tadarius Thomas has an MMA record of 2-5-0 and Jeff Ford has an MMA record of 2-0. Jeff Ford also has a K-1 record of 4-6.
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    There are a lot of critisism about capoeira not being effective in the street, but I think that the article found in that link proves that wrong.

    "Capoeira has a long history in the professional fight game. Even Mestre Bimba, one of the fathers of the modern sport, fought no holds bar matches nearly 70 years ago, known then and today in Brazil as "Luta Livre" matches (or "free fight"). He even defeated a student of the legendary Brazilian Jui-jitsu stylist Gracie family in a catch-as-catch-can event. Both he and his students fought grudge matches against other capoeiristas and fighters from other styles. Also, the now defunct Rio De Janeiro style of Capoeira - Capoeira carioca, was known for it's deadly proficiency in the ring and the street."

    Why are people so critical about the street effectiveness of capoeira?
  5. Sever

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    Probably something to do with them not having a clue what it's really about, they just look at the flashy demo's and think that's what capoeira is. What little I've trained of it seems like it could certainly apply and integrate into MMA or an SD situation and if nothing else, the strength and timing benefits would help your game in other areas
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    There's a gigantic discussion of that in the capoeira section.
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    I saw a Capoeira guy in Cage Rage(UK ufc type thing) the other week. I cant remember his name for the life of me. He was Brazillian and Vanderley Silva in his corner. He used Capoeira and BJJ, he did the ginga thing(pls excuse my lack of Cap termonology), cartwheels and landed at least one high kick(like a creasent kick). He completely dominated his opponent who seemed to be put off by the Capoeira, he won by submission.
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    His name is Jean Silva and he is the current Cage Rage lightweight champion. Recently training with Chute Boxe I believe. He is up against Gomi in the Next Pride Bushido.
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    Is he really? Son of a. I wasnt going to buy the next Bushido, and try to save my money. Now I have to buy that one. I've seen clips of Silva's fights. From what I've read in his interviews, he uses his capoeira sparingly in his fights. This might be an interesting fight.
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    Thanks thats him, must admit I really liked his style.
  11. Ikken Hisatsu

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    yeah Jean Silva is very impressive, great takedowns against kicks
  12. Garibaldi

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    He's been the beneficiary of a couple of lucky decisions over here when defending his belt at Cage Rage and has retained by draw rather than convincing victory. He's also been made to look pretty average on a couple of occassions I've seen him fight.

    Will be interesting to see how he does against somebody of Gomi's calibre!
  13. shadow joe

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    I don't think I really needed any 'proof' --- imho, it's the individual who does the winning, not the style.
  14. fogo

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    thats absolutely right, why wont people understand.
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    Could you post links to any clips if you know them. I did a google and sherdog and no luck except for interviews.
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    Do you think mr.Silva's victories might have something to do with his opponents general inexperience facing capoera?

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