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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Kempo Fighter, Aug 18, 2005.

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    Now, I'm still such an idiot, but the first I looked into Capoeira, I thought it was purely a martial art with roots in a society that made its practice look like a dance. Then I meet an actual Capoeirista, who said that its also "O jogo" which I don't know what it means, but he said it translates to "competition" and then also explained that it has a series of flowing attack-counterattacks called movements that are unique to each mestre, which sounded like a dance, or at least like a 'wai kru' from muay thai.

    So I chance being in borders and say to myself, "what the hell?" and buy a book by
    "Nestor Capoeira"

    Who, as my research (five minutes on the interweb) deems as a valid and well rehearsed mestre. In his book, "The little Capoeira Book" he says that Capoeira is A game, A Martial Art, and A dance, all three at once, but not really one more then the other when in its true form. He says that it is "more often either shown as a Dance, or as a Martial Art, but in truth, is both and more."

    I also vaguely remember a quote that goes "The truth cannot be organized, without being invalidated" so Ive given up trying to categorize Capoeira, and understand its all three at once. right?
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    It is true that trying to categorize Capoeira only adds confusion. It is too multi-faceted to be only one of those things. There is the game, the fight, the music, etc. etc. There is so much involved, and that is why it isn't strictly any of the above mentioned things.

    Furthermore, jogo (...root word, Jogar) means game, or to play. There are basic movements in Capoeira that everybody must learn in order to play in the roda. I also wouldn't say that every mestre creates unique movements, however, I do believe that every Capoeirista has their own style.
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