cant pivot on my foot well for leg kick

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by MindTricks, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. MindTricks

    MindTricks Valued Member

    my biggest problem is i fail to pivot on my foot most of the time or when i pivot i end up trapping my toe on the mat or something silly like that. Sometimes i manage to execute 100% perfect kick but it just happens to fast and i don't know how i manage to do it. Is there any drills or tips on how to pivot on my foot right ? or should i just keep practising...?
  2. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Get your coach to watch you while you kick the pads/heavy bag, see if they can spot anything.

    Something that I found helped me was to make sure I pivot on the ball of my foot (lift the heel and the toes a bit to help make sure they don't get stuck), and to 'jump' slightly when kicking. I put 'jump' in quotes as I'm not flying through the air, only springing my weight upwards slightly to make my support leg lighter at the time of the pivot (further reducing friction between the floor and my foot). It also adds some downward momentum to your kick as you 'land' again at the point the kicking shin lands on your opponent's leg.

    Other than that, it's practice practice practice, try to note the ones that feel good and what you did differently, and do that more often!
  3. fire cobra

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    Stand on a sheet of a4 paper come up on the ball of your foot and spin without kicking at first then add in the kick :)
  4. MindTricks

    MindTricks Valued Member

    thx ill try that :)
  5. Instructor_Jon

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    I don't have any thai experience so take with a grain of salt but I do have a lot of kicking experience. If you will add a slight bit of vertical movement (not a hop but kind of like that) it will briefly lift your weight from the supporting foot and allow it to rotate much more easily. You don't want the foot to leave the floor you just want to unload some of the pounds on the supporting foot briefly.

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