Can you have Silat without the deep spiritual aspect?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by US Martial, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. taoizt

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    Are you practicing Glenn Lobo's silat now?
  2. Dylan9d

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    No I don't, but I do think he is one of the better teachers in the UK.

    Still practicing my own stuff, Amerindo, Eskrima and a little Krav Maga

    Still planning on studying the Lightning Arnis with Glenn or getting him over to Holland for the accelerated program that he teaches, but I just had a daughter (since 28th of December) so time is scarce
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    As Dylan 9d says i have been teaching silat in the UK for 30 years now- the longest established silat group in the UK i think. Luton is now almost a suburb of London and i have some students travel up from there.
    I teach a combination of Lincah and Pukulan, so it is mostly stood up but we take people to the floor. most of what i do is striking but we have a decent locking section too.
    Malaysia and Indonesia have a spiritual component in a lot of the arts and many of the practitioners that come over continue the practice. I have learned it but it is not included in my training, and wont be.
    you are welcome to come and see us and see how you go with our classes! Drop me a line if you need any more info!
  4. taoizt

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    Congratulations Dylan9d
  5. Dylan9d

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    Thank you
  6. glennlobo

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    Returning briefly to the OP's question, Silat i believe has a deep moral aspect.. when to use force, humility, respect, honour, loyalty and more. this is irrespective of style or religion. where some people fail is that they make their style or group more of a cult. i have heard of many teachers who wont teach outside of their religion, others who teach the religion through the silat.
    Silat predates Islam in SE Asia so its practices, though often intertwined, are seperate.
    You have to avoid styles and individuals who have dogma on these things and who tell you they are the true lineage holders, and all the stuff we should already know..

    there is a deep spiritual aspect to silat which many modern styles have forgotten in their search for fighting skills. Compassion, lack of ego, respect, humility, kindness, are all spiritual, but shouldnt interfere with your practice of silat. stay clear of the mumbo jumbo!!
  7. tahutempe

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    without deep spiritual aspect

    hi all,

    what does the title means "spiritual aspects"? is it about traditional medication, hypnosis, rasa (feeling), terawang (forseen), breathing techniques, or else ?

    in silat's native land, an old silat master usually has some spiritual skills. whether it is traditional medication ( like pengobatan tulang cimande / cimande bone treatment), breathing skills (like Kang Yayan Ruhian), reading people, or mystic.

    not to deny that silat is associated with spiritual aspects. in fact, spiritual ability is common in Indonesia, not only among silat people but also non - silat people, but also not everyone got spiritual skills. it is known that people needs loooong time to get spiritual by natural way. people also can get it instantly by uncanny way but usually with bad consequences.

    just my 5 cents :)
  8. yamadin

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    It is possible to learn Silat without the religious aspects.
    You just have to find a right person to do so.
    I am Indonesian and although i am not a Silat practitioner, but I have been helping
    Silat teachers marketing their arts effectively.
    Some Silat styles, for example: West Java Harimau was originally from
    Hindu's Kingdom called Padjajaran. Its a Tiger style, not like mostly in the west where its West Sumatra Harimau.
    Although the teacher is a Muslim, but he hardly try to insist his religious belief on others because its not alignes with the Padjajaran style anyway.

    Another example is Cimande. The teacher that I am good friend with teaches Catholoc students and westerners. Hes also a Muslim, but never talks or discuss religion to anyone.
    What I heard is that, when you graduated in Cimande system, you need to swear an oath that you dont use the art to abuse others.

    Although, i have met one West Sumatra Harimau stylist that mentioned the basic Jurus came from Arabic alphabet, much like Aikido movements if I am not mistaken.
    But, this guy is from a village where his system is kept within the family, so that is all he knows. But his younger brother is changing him to reveal the system to expose the arts to others.
  9. webcrest

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    No doubt silat school have spirituality aspect while teaching martial arts and base on the fact that you have a negative experience with such schools it never means that you give up your earnest for martial arts. Never do this. Just make yourself strong enough that you stand against this aspect and develop a strong resistance against such things. good and bad experiences move side by side. Don't give them importance. visit this academy its really nice in martial arts teaching located in Roch dale. Link removed. Webcrest, please stop posting links unrelated to the topic. If you want to advertise a link, please talk to Aegis, Simon, or Mitch about MAP's advertising rates. Thanks.
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  10. taoizt

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    Pfff what a dubious post 'webcrest'. So you know all thousands of silat schools to make that judgement?

    Now I could write 'Don't visit karate schools because based on my experience they are mc-dojo where a black belt can easily be bought and obtained in half a year without any type of decent level'. But...that wouldn't be a fair response now would it?
  11. furinkazan

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    without trying to necro this, I've met a silat teacher in manchester who teaches the spiritual stuff as a side class for those who want it. Probably because he's a JKD instructor as well and knows theres a lot of people interested in the 'practical' side of martial arts.

    I'd suggest if you want to learn everything silat, learn it, take it for what it is in class, but nobody is forcing you to do the stuff like in Fight Quest with the fasting, self mutilation meditation work etc.
  12. Knee Rider

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    Where is that then?
  13. Dead_pool

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    It's not master wong, is it?
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  14. taoizt

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    I will take most teachers who teach 'the spiritual stufff' in the west with a grain of salt.
    Spiritual is a wide subject, ranging from meditation, relaxation exercises to trance, connecting with spirits etc.

    Be careful with a teacher like that since he has a great amount of control over his students. You really have to have a trustworthy Teacher and a trustworthy student to even start talking about 'spiritual stuff'.

    Stories about 'cult like behaviour', 'manipulation' and using drugs to make people more susceptible to 'the spiritual side' are known, also in England..
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    Definately Listen to chadderz and purispite they know what there talking about they Beat me to it
  16. AJMartialArtist

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    But Taoist has a point as well the reason why Silat is tough is because of the spirit tests so I would but you can have it without
  17. MouzalinaMahfud

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    Silat in US, great class and great systems

    [ame=""]MP USA Vibravision Demo 3 11 2016 - YouTube[/ame]
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  19. taoizt

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    I agree...
  20. glennlobo

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    Absolutely- psychopaths frauds nut jobs and weirdos give silat its bad name.

    In the JKD frat i would be surprised if there is anyone versed in the spiritual side of silat merely because it takes time and loyalty to a teacher to be trusted with that kind of information. The nature of JKD is more multistyle so you are unlikely to have that kind of intimacy with a silat teacher IMO.

    Taoizt is right- very few teachers in the west have put in the time with ONE teacher to get that info from them.

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