can it be stopped?

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    i am using chuck as an example and comparing him to OTHER UFC fighters to keep it all in context. The fact that you are also prone to suddenly being kneed, elbowed, choked out, etc... at any moment, means that you can't always afford the luxury of developing orthodox punching stances and technique, as you may have to suddenly pull off a takedown revesal or the like...

    I do think that UFC fighters, as a whole, are very well rounded physically in all ranges... However, watching Tito Ortiz speak on several occassions, perhaps the mental aspect needs to be worked on a little harder... ;)
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    He was the Gracie Hunter. Try doing a search and you'll find out lots of information.

    As for your other posts, someone may not have the cleanest looking, pretty technique but things like timing, distance, power, and other attributes do come into play. Who'd want to get hit by Chuck?

    As for your original question, foot work and elbows worked pretty well in a few dust ups that I recall back in the late 90s.
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    :eek: But that would mean.........there was grappling before the Gracies :eek:
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    Put Floyd Mayweather in the UFC and his boxing technique would probably turn sloppy too. There's just so much more happening in MMA to look out for. So many more ways for your opponent to mess up your game plan.
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    My opinion is muay thai is better for mma than boxing,more often than not it has been proven that when muay thai vs boxing matches take place the thai boxing method wins,of course the boxer always has a punchers chance,there lies the value of boxing..a ko! :)
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    Shock horror :D
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    My first thought when reading that was "That is such a cool name."

    My second thought was of Sakuraba tip-toeing through the woods in a hunting hat holding a shotgun saying "Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting Gwacies, ha ha ha ha ha ha."
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    o wait ..... BAMBI HAS ROYCE's FACE! HAHAH

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