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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Wali, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Is anyone from here going to Kiai's event tonight?

    I plan to go, time (and wife!) allowing... would be cool to see some of you there..


  2. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    I live in London but haven't...

    ..even heard of Kiais event.What time is ? And where in Camden is it ?

  3. Melanie

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  4. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

  5. britsilatinmt

    britsilatinmt New Member

    hey wali,
    have a good one... are any of the other guys going?

    im still hoping to be over for a week in october, but havent got a ticket yet
    best wishes
  6. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Hey mate!

    Yeah.. a few of the lads are going.. Steve, Johnny, Harcs, Tony Felix, myself and perhaps a few more....

    We'll show you some pics...
  7. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Just got back from the event, and it was a great success. It was good to meet all the different groups, (Cimande Pusaka, Gerak Ilham (sp?), and a few visitors from abroad).

    It was refreshing to see the different silat schools under the same (provervial) roof!

    Well done Kiai on organising this event.

    We took plenty of video footage, so when I figure out how to stream it to PC format, I'll try and post it somewhere.

  8. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    Salaams to all,
    I have to agree with you Wali that it was a great event. We finished by 2'30 and tomorrow I work in the market again so I need some sleep now. Thanks to all you who came, Cimandesilat especially after the forum spat we had it was very big hearted of you to come. The schools represented by the individuals that came were Pukulan Cimande Pusaka, Gerak Ilham, Walisongo, PGB Bangau Putih, and Silat Masjid and Silat Gayong Malaysia...The two last schools moved towards the end of the night.

    There were many photographs taken and also some films. Hope that you all can see them soon.

    Kiai Carita
  9. britsilatinmt

    britsilatinmt New Member

    Good stuff! Wish I could have been there...

  10. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Looks though as a karate-ka I would have been...

    ..a bit out of place. LOL :D

  11. thepunisher

    thepunisher Banned Banned

    Where do you work on the market Kiai

    Hey Kiai, where do you work on Camden Market ? Which stall ? I have to go to Camden Town next week at one point for a job interview so maybe we can meet beforehand. Although I'm not in your style of MA maybe you'd be interested to meet a fellow MAP member. PM me if you are interested.

  12. cimandesilat

    cimandesilat New Member

    Hello all,

    Yes the event went very well, just sorry I couldn't stay for the whole night. It was a good turnout of both silat players and just normal people enjoying the show.

    Personally, I was very impressed at how friendly everyone was. Particularly everyone from the walisongo school who were all very friendly.

    Anyway, here are some pics of the night...

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4
    Picture 5
  13. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    The event of September 10 -11.

    Salaams to all,

    Thank you for the pics Cimandesilat ... I hope more MAP members can soon post more pics and vids. In the meantime I will try to write a report from my memory...

    The evening of September 10 was rainy and wet and the gamelan players and I were worried that people would not turn up. Cimandesilat from Pukulan Cimande Pusaka turned up spot on time and for a while it looked that it would be only Cimande and I who would be prancing around on the cobblestones. I showed off Cimandesilat's conditioned forearms to my son who was impressed and Cimandesilat showed me some cool Cimande knife disarming techniques (probably with the thread on knife attacks on this forum in mind) We decided that because of the rain it would be better to hold the event in front of our shop Kalimantan Creations in the Stables Market (I hope this answers your question, -Stables Market, not Camden Market- Punisher, please drop in when you come to Camden next week) ...

    As Cimande and I were prancing around on the very slippery ancient cobblestones more and more pesilat arrived and by 9 o'clock most had arrived. I have to mention that Cimandesilat and I were real heroes for keeping the audience interested untill more players came. It probably also meant that we got most exercise. Bang Aidinal Alrashid came with a Mustika Kwitang player and his children and students, Steve Benitez came with his children and students, and Haji Mangipin who has just begun Cimande classes in the mosque at Seven Sisters came later with his students as well. Several MAP members were there including a Gayong player. I asked Bang Aidinal what gayong means as in modern Indonesian gayong is a small bucket used to throw water over your body when using an Indonesian bath (mandi) ... apparently, according to Bang Aidinal, gayong is old Bugis language for silat. So silat Gayong might mean Silat Silat.

    The informal gathering was a success because of the quality of the players that turned up. People who had not met for a while because of frayed nerves in the past had a chance to shake hands and talk light talk with old aquaintences. I hope some hurt feelings were soothed. At least people who in the past had been suspicious of other people had the chance to let go of their negativity and share in the rain. People brought food and drinks and there was enough for everyone plus leftovers for us shop staff to have on the Sunday. Thank you all for giving generously it made me think of the story of the miracle of the bread and fish in the New Testament. In Islamic terms I would say that there was alot of Barokah (Allah's Blessings) in the Stables Market that night.

    The students of Gerak Ilham gave a demonstration of some bunga and some buah and Bang Aidinal's beautiful daughter did some impressive bunga. We then had some moments of silence which was broken by Ant's bamboo flutes followed by the gamelan. Four Walisongo players began to move and do kembanganan followed immediately by buah applications. Very impressive and strong players demonstrated alot of ground fighting which was awesome. Takedowns and throws on slippery cobblestones demonstrate real skill. My children were particularly impressed by Harcourt who -being short and stocky (pendek dan kekar) reminded them of Anoman dances they had seen back in Yogya. There was alot of applause for the Walisongo players who were really very good.

    Jacqui and Daniel from Bangau Putih then did some moves and Daniel then began to do a crane movement followed by an amazing snake movement where he seemed to be slithering and flying all over the floor truly demonstrating tenaga dalam and what the Spanish call El Duende. In my personal view and taste I thought that the beautiful girl from Gerak Ilham and the Walisongo players and Daniel were the most impressive movers that night. I think that Wali has videos of most of the night, and Bernard from the mosque also has.

    After the Bangau Putih players demonstration the audience began to leave one by one with alot of shaking hands and thank-yous and everyone seemed to be happy. Steve Benitez gave some kind words of praise saying that it was a profound thing to do, to be able to get all these silat players together.

    The players from the mosque then began to do bunga and buah, and by half past one they were playing with a keris. The mosque group do not yet have a name so I proposed that we for now call them Silat Masjid and Abdurrahman, the trainer seemed pleased with that for he smiled happy and said Alhamdulillah. I thinik it is agood name. I also asked if it would be possible for me to train in the mosque because now the weather is changing I will not be able to train near the toilets any more, and they kindly said that I could. I really like the mosque there and in my opinion it had the most Islamic feeling I have ever experienced in a mosque: open, friendly, non-judgemental, and there was apparent gender equality. Next time I go there I want to try and mop the gelanggang floor up a little as when I went there last week I found the gelanggang was a little too dirty for a mosque.

    A little past 2 a.m on Sepetmber 11, we wrapped up, binned the rubbish and went home. There were still a few members of the public there who said that we were fascinating, and that they wished to study silat.

    The styles were very diverse: Cimandesilat moved with watery grace and speed, constantly in motion. The Mustika Kwitang player was fast and strong, and the Gerak Ilham players also used a karate-like cry whilke demonstrating bunga and buah. The Bangau Putih players were at first rather worried because Bangau Putih doesn't train kembangan but when they did do it they were alright, after all kembangan is a concept that can be used (IMO) in any martial art that flows.

    The next day, Sunday afternoon, a manager of Oriental City came to the shop asking if we could do a silat festival in her supermarket complex just on the edge of London sometime next year and I said yes, in principle, I wil do anything for silat, but there will have to be transportation, accomodation, and honorariums for the gamelan and the silat players who come which she agreed.

    So guys, here is one idea we can chew on for a while... I just loath having to wade through the politics that are there between the schools and practitioners of silat in London once more. I feel that the goodwill and friendship that we built that night is something fragile that needs to be handled with care and a more formal do, with school's banners and money involved, might make people get cross with one another once more, or even worse -might make everyone cross with me! Just imagining all the Walisongo, Gerak Ilham, Pukulan Cimande and other schools chasing after my scalp makes my heart go pitterpat in fear.

    Lilian (the Oriental City lady) is thinking of a 10 day, 2 weekends festival of silat with gamelan music sometime in late Spring or early Summer next year. If that is the format I think that we can do an opening day and a closing day where all pesilats play together, and then in the week each school could fly its banners alone, so that the whole event will give all equal opportunity to show their martial and healing arts to the general public. It would also be really nice if the embassies of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, and Brunei could also help by funding the bringing over of some old masters to give seminars here. The Indonesian cutural attache appologised for not being able to turn up because the Indonesian President Mr.SBY was stopping over that night in transit on a world tour. This festival idea is still very young and undeveloped and all your input will be very much appreciated with the biggest problem being how to make everyone comfortable and happy to bring their best.

    I hope the photo's Cimande posted will encourage other photo owners to post theirs as well. The four handsome men facing the camera in one of them are from left to right, Cimandesilat, Daniel Ibrahim from Bangau Putih, Bang Aidinal from Gerak Ilham who is also President of PSFUK, and the handsome young man who forgot to pull his belly in is yours truly.

    I appologise for overlooking some schools and players (Tottenham Court school ..? Anyone else?) and I promise to do better next time. Personally I am very proud of all the silat players in the UK who proved their dedication and brotherhood by making the event such a positive experience. Thank you once more and warm salaams to all,

    Kiai Carita.
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  14. amirul_tekpi79

    amirul_tekpi79 Valued Member

    good job!

    Assalamu'alaikum and peace to all,

    Great job guys! The openness and commaraderie between fellow pesilat from different styles/schools are a welcome sight indeed.

    Dear Pak Kiai,

    What Pak Aidinal commented on Gayong is very fascinating. Yes, gayong or gayung is a tool to carry water etc. The other word for this tool is kendi. Gayung is also a type of stick that is used as a weapon. Other meanings for gayung are hitting (pukulan), chopping (tetakan) or stabbing (tikaman) all with weapons.

    If i'm not mistaken, in Malaysia, the only recognized Bugis influence to the word Gayong is the family of the late (Allahyarham) Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman, the founder of Silat Gayong Malaysia. Even in Gayong Malaysia's (or Pusaka Gayong, Gayong Warisan and the rest of the offshoots of Gayong Malaysia) circle, there is a legend pertaining to a certain warrior named 'Hulubalang Gayong' that originated from somewhere in Indo-China (Champa?). The silat that Allahyarham Dato' Meor learned before he founded Gayong Malaysia was known as Silat Sendi Harimau.

    There are however other Gayung/Gayong styles in Malaysia, especially in the Peninsula. Pak Kiai is right in saying that Gayong can also mean Silat. For example Seni Gayung Fatani, a well-known silat style in Malaysia and one of the four founding members of PESAKA (Persekutuan SIlat Kebangsaan). However, they attributed the word Gayung not from Bugis sources but what they say from local sources (Tanah Melayu or Peninsula Malaysia). They also believe that the word ties in with the Minangkabau 'Gayuang', in what way? I cannot recall. Other famous Gayong/Gayung styles in Malaysia (that are not part of Allahyarham Dato' Meor's legacy) are Silat Gayung Laksamana (Pahang), Silat Gayung Pancasila (Terengganu), Silat Gayong Harimau (Pulau Pinang), Silat Gayong Maarifat and Silat Gayongman Gerakan Satu (Kelantan).

    I hope a Gayong Malaysia exponent in this forum (yes, i mean you Cikgu Sulaiman Lee! :D ) can shed some more light on this matter.

  15. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    That is awesome and that is rare to see. I wish I could have been there!


    Silat Yogi
  16. triple5

    triple5 New Member

    looking back at 10th of September

    It has been more than a week now. I also want to thank all those that came along and hope that we can do something more in the future.

    It was a great experience, especially as it was a limited number of non-silat visitors and a relaxed atmosphere because we could perform without competing. There were no judges except ourselves to see the movements done and no pressure when to move or what to do.

    I am currently training in Catalunya and will return to Germany end of the week. the first weekend in October will be with the Silat PGB Germany in the German Alps and then the second weekend a weekend full of training in France. So these two months are Silat-travel months for me and I am looking forward to traveling to England again for more Silat.

    I hope that all the pictures can be circulated here on Martial Arts Planet.

    nuff said,
    keep it up,
  17. Kiai Carita

    Kiai Carita Banned Banned

    Pics, Vids, Winter and Ramadhan

    Warm salaams to all,

    Sounds like good silat in your life at the moment Daniel. It would be nice to see more pics and even the videos. Wali have you worked out how to get your footage up on the web for us to look at? Abdullah1881 if you meet Bernard could you please not forget to ask about his footage as well?

    London is getting cold now. As silat comes from the tropics it does not have a traditional take on winter training but as I get older I feel my body reacting more to climate changes particularly in the winter. Many of you guys have been with the winter as part of the anual seasons all your life. What is your take on silat in the winter? I would like to learn from you all.

    As Ramadhan will be coming soon I would also like to ask about your experiences of training during the holy month of fasting.

    More warm salaams,

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