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Discussion in 'Aikido' started by Cen Garsden, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Cen Garsden

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    Hello all. Been a while.

    I'm wondering if anyone here is good at reading Japanese calligraphy? In particular I'm trying to translate the banners displayed at the Aikijinja in Iwama, either side of the shomen. They are visible in old photos, but if you type "aiki jinja" into youtube they are more easily read in whole, in particular the videos of the Doshu demonstrating there.

    I'd assume someone whose been to Iwama might know straight off the bat, but just hoping someone here may have the answer.

  2. Mushroom

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    Got pics?
  3. Cen Garsden

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  4. Simon

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    I'll ask the question on our Twitter feed too.
  5. Cen Garsden

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  6. Cen Garsden

    Cen Garsden Flamin' Wobbygong

    Apologies for the double post. I found a better picture with both calligraphic rows. I'm fairly sure the obscured characters at the bottom of the right hand row mirror that of the left.

    The original shot (found online) was a little small, so I enlarged it and put it on my webpage. The resolution is a bit crap, but it's clear enough to read.

    I keep trying to work out if it's Kunitokotachi-O-Kami or Hitsujisaru-O-Kami, being fairly highly referenced in Omoto godhood, but my Japanese is very poor.

    BTW was there any reply on Twitter? I don't use the program.
  7. Chris Li

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    Late to the party, but they read:

    Right - 艮忌ツ土金神 (Ushitora(Imi-tsu-Tuchi)no Kon-Jin)
    Left - 坤忌ツ土金神 (Hitsuji-saru(Imi-tsu-Tuchi)no Kon-Jin)

    Both important deities in Omoto-kyo. When Morihei Ueshiba was alive these scrolls were sometimes hung inside the Iwama dojo.


  8. Cen Garsden

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    TY Chris.

    Not late to the party at all. In fact I remember you (possibly from AJ forums or maybe another like Aikiweb). You confirmed my original thoughts, but as said my nihongo is very poor.

    Cheers (or kampai) etc.

  9. Chris Li

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    The calligraphic style's pretty tough. Those calligraphies often used to hang inside the dojo when Morihei Ueshiba was alive, but no more. There are some passages about the symbolism of the names as it relates to Aikido in 合氣神髄, if you have time to dig through it!


  10. Cen Garsden

    Cen Garsden Flamin' Wobbygong


    Thank you for that. I have a large collection of information about Omoto at my disposal. I'm aware of both kami on the scrolls and their roles within the faith, and indeed their relative incarnations.

    I have a copy of (some of) the Takemusu Aiki lectures, as per what Pranin sensei posted on AJ, which I cross referenced with the (edited) Reikai Monogatari which was once available online. I edited the footnotes of the document accordingly. If you are at all interested in reading this (or indeed sharing it with others) I can forward it to you via email.

    BTW I deeply appreciate the Sangenkai's posting of the original Aikijujutsu Densho and Budo scans. My school uses them as reference material.


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