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    Thought it would be much more efficient to start one of these instead of scrummaging around for hundreds of pieces of paper lying all over the place. So here is my log entry for yesterday.

    Tuesday 7th March 2012

    • Joint and spine mobility exercises x 10 mins
    • Foam roller x 15 mins
    • 3 mile run in 18 mins 22 secs
    • Dynamic stretches x 5 mins
    • ITF Taekwon-Do punching and kicking combinations on my Century BOB XL freestanding bag x 6, 3-min rounds (1 min rest between rounds)
    • All ITF Taekwon-Do pattens from Chon-Ji to Tong-Il (40-45 mins)
    • Relaxed front and side splits x 15 mins

    I taught three 1.5 hour Taekwon-Do classes back to back in the afternoon. I then received private tuition in my first ever BJJ class. I'm used to locking techniques from my Hapkido background, but BJJ offers a unique perspective I'm looking forward to. My goal is to hit blue belt before I'm 40, in addition to getting my VI Dan in Taekwon-Do.
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    Quick update.

    Been taking 2 x 1.5-hour public classes and 1 x 1-hour private class a week in BJJ. Still at white belt! Though I'm in no rush really, and I've been told it can take 1-3 years to hit blue belt. Still getting used to the ground game and having my ass handed to me by purple and brown belts. I'm loving triangle chokes. See, even when my back is on the ground I'm still all legs. TKD through and through!

    Also took up judo two months ago. I go between two and three times a week and there seems to be a great crossover between it and BJJ. Got my yellow belt already and my instructor says I should be ready to grade again in November or December. I find judo much "easier" than BJJ because the throwing mechanics are so similar to what my Hapkido master taught me (a Korean 7th Dan who was also a 4th Dan in judo). To be honest I'd drifted from my Hapkido training a couple years ago, along with Tang Soo Do, but now the BJJ and judo are reigniting my passion for it. Already started adding more SD stuff and ground work in my TKD classes!

    Another thing BJJ and judo taught me was just how bad my fitness was. I mean, there's fit and then there's fit. I can do a five mile run followed by a two-hour TKD pad and sparring session no problem, but I just felt DRAINED after rolling and randori. That has improved a lot in the past few months but ground work still jacks me up far more than TKD or TSD ever did. Plus side is I feel much, much stronger.
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    Caleb Demarais Valued Member

    Today's exercises:

    Taught 3 x 1-hour Taekwon-Do classes (all belts 7-12, colored belts 13+, and black belts 16+), including at least half a dozen 2-min rounds sparring my black belt students in the third class.

    Then hit the gym straight after with my most senior student and friend Carl, a 4th Dan in Taekwon-Do. 6 x 2-min rounds skipping with 30 secs rest in between then 5 x 2-min rounds punching the focus mitts (switching pad holder between rounds to get a full 2 mins rest after each round). Then did upper body stuff:

    • Bench press x 5, 4, 3, 3 (75kg)
    • Overhead press x 5, 5, 3, 1 (65 kg)
    • Uchikomi rubbers (judo drill) x 30 secs
    • Max speed & power straight punches x 30 secs
    • Rope climbing machine (max effort) x 1 min

    Then stretched out (full side and front splits) and did legs-only sparring (light to semi contact) for 2 mins, rested 1 min, did another 2 mins. Switched to hands and feet and did 4 x 2-min rounds, but max effort push ups for 30 secs between each round. Cooled down with some light jogging, then walking, then splits again.

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