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  1. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    monyet .my attitude towards santiago ,in no way reflects my attitude towards the community, he"s like todd light. i just want him to realise he has a long journey in this art .and the one at the top of our branch ,said his teacher gave him one jurus one year.YOU can't imagine my frustration with this guy .if you would be kind enough to
    share some of your arts branch of the word .i am literally not aloud to say please no questions on this i dont make the rules but its its a small sacrifice
  2. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    Okay Santiago You Got A Kick Ass Art I Get It
  3. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    to everyone. peace including you santiago
  4. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    martial art is internal ,understanding changes the art.
  5. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    With all due respect "Pukulan Student" & Peace to you aswell.

    What is your frustration with me? What have I done to you on a personal level? What has my teacher done to you on a personal level?
    And who told you I got 1 jurus one year? PDT? Danny H? Where did that info come from?

    How do they know what my training was like and when it occured and how it occured?

    Last I checked my training footage with Guru Cliff I recieved 3 jurus at a time from each visit with my teacher untill I understood them interms of mechanics, application, understanding of locks, weapon, etc then I would recieve 3 more untill I completed my 18 jurus. It was not given in one day or one year. We began with Bukti jurus but then my teacher said not to do Bukti Anymore just focus on Serak and Kilat Jurus, Silek Tuo ground positions. I went at the pace my teacher wanted me to progress. Things have evolved from there with the understanding I have recieved from our Cimande & Silek Tuo training and I still discover new things from the Serak jurus almost everyday. This is why what we do is not just "Serak". It is Kilat.

    Langkah was also taught to me one at a time until they where understood interms of strategies, throws, target selection, locks, transfer of energy, shoulder position etc.

    Nothing was given overnight. It was given in pieces so I could digest. I am still learning from my Guru.

    Yes it's a life long process to Master such an Art. I am not a Master at it nor claim to be. I study my art everyday. And I have used it when needed and it has served me well. I am thankful for my teacher's insight and for all his teachers influences aswell including PDT.


    Santiago Dobles
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  6. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    hi santiago , the principle's works by any name ,that said. what I like about it ,is you substitute angle for strengh ,if you get that right. then the opponent ,traing partner is weightless ,you know its like walking thru air .I guess my teloscope has turned more into a magnifying glass .I just look for that weightlessness .i ask is this technique heavy or light if it was heavy i did something wrong .the hardest part for me is the relaxed sensivity .to guide the force re direct the person with no effort with no effort
  7. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    what i met by timing is the strugle with the motions to make them synchronize in sequence so everything come's together on one beat. sweep or whatever.like its under standing the time link between body demensions .its all very mathmatical and musical
  8. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    You meant one's personal timing with motions etc. Ok I get what you where asking. I thought you meant your timing in dealing with an attacker. My timing is not bad. I am sure it has room for improvement like everything else. I usually do that sort of thing by doing a combative Kembangan (Shadow Boxing) and moving excruciatingly slow like Tai Chi with everything in proper alignment and with total awareness of center and upper & lower bases while imagining various attacks coming from all over. I have found that to move fast and clean one must go VERY slow. Also slower training is better for your lymphatic system, and strengthens your neurolgical connections to your brain & muscles. So when they do fire up fast they move morein sync and more unified.

    Santiago Dobles
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  9. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member


    i look for relaxation in my movements even if they are supposed to be forceful to my attacker.

    I try to strive to use less that 4 ounces of pressure to off balance or to drop a guy. As you know its not always easy but it gets better as time moves on and with more study. I use complimentary angles always to help me achieve that smoothness based on what ever langkah i am on. My technique is light not heavy. However I do make sure I am rooted as i move or take someone down. Rooting is very important to generate power.


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  10. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    yes ,i couldn't have said it better ,Its like if you reach high enough the art will come to you ,I see this art as being invisable thats why i need a magnifying glass
  11. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    softer than sleep all things in order stored ,a haunt of ancient peace
  12. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    i suggest this now be a sight for peace and healing
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    Jesus. :rolleyes:

    Santi, do you actually speak this guys language or what?

    You know where a great site would be for your peace & healing? PM.
  14. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    the essence of war is violence ,moderation in war is imbicility
  15. doc_jude

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    “A-ha! Use caution, wee ones! Never let a strange squirrel whip an enormous sparrow and then pull you onto his lap. He’s probably a murderous chicken.” – Wise Wolf
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    Oh, don't say that... The troll would have to post nine more posts of his rubbish before he's allowed to send or receive PM's.

    I still can't believe that these three people have fed the troll enough that he's actually posted 41 items of drivel already - all of which are here in this thread. No good ever comes of feeding the trolls. The more they're fed, the more they excrete onto the message board.
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  18. Gajah Silat

    Gajah Silat Ayo berantam!

    Maybe time to unleash the goats :rolleyes:

  19. pukulan student

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    look, the art is its own ancient language that words only distort .maybe the only thing
    to discuss is principles. minus style politic.we are all awesome, we are all silat
    people or we have some interest in this unique art
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    christ what boatload of mumbo jumbo. :rolleyes:

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