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Discussion in 'Silat' started by TalkwithThunder, May 1, 2007.

  1. Steve Perry

    Steve Perry Valued Member

    Down at the Troll Bridge

    "Not spitting bile at the moment" is not the same as "not trolling ..."

    I still don't see either a name or any sense of decorum. Leave him in the cornfield.

  2. Monyet Nakal

    Monyet Nakal Valued Member

    "It's a trap... Get an axe."
  3. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    Fair enough.
  4. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    hey you trolls are on my sight again,cant you go play on the multitudes of other sights this is bukti negaras first sight and i intend to protect it honor is worth something i was offended not you """outsider""", though i dig what you say so you can stay and please elaborate
  5. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    todd accidents happen and you have to go on
  6. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    MAP is bukti's site? or Bukti's Sight? Vision???

    What do you want to express nameless warrior?

    You are still a troll until you present yourself as a gentlemen and say your name and also begin to be positive instead of a douche.


    Santiago Dobles
  7. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    please santiago its not how much you know its how much you can understand those are formulas you speak of tell us what do they mean to you you been served
  8. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    put it this way suppose you wanted to get really? really??????? smart im talking hypothetical now no offence so you went to steven hawkings school of quantum physics given a quantum mechanic text book and told, you have all the material
    same thing now explain what those combonations are to those locks you posses,
  9. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    when you absorb the matterial and you are the matterial .i would ask you one question santiago how is you timing acording to your under standing
  10. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    Ok Troll Unless you give me your name you will be known as TROLL...

    As for formulas....

    When did I speak of Formulas? I didn't use that word in this thread...so what are you talking about?

    Formulas in Silat?

    Well...Here is a formula for you in social skills.

    Hi my name is ...............
  11. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    When you absorb the essence you become the essence yes you are correct.

    Is that what you do?

    Do you breath in your Instructor's Chi and Mix it with your own to get the essence of how he operates?

    Have you actually used your art to protect someone? to defend your life in actual threat? Or to defend a paying customer? Have you used your art against multiple opponents ( I am not talking about training partners, I am talking about actual encounters)????

    Well I have and so has my Guru.

    That should tell you about my timing.

    If your shoulders are in the right place, your jurus are well trained and you know how to use your bases & your Langkahs your timing will be very good.

    Peace to you Nameless TROLL


    Santiago Dobles
  12. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    look dummy its like someone gave you a volume of books and instead of reading one book at a time and understanding the contents completly you have all the books spilled out in front of you on page one trying to read them all at the same time
    just concentrate , day and night on my last question .how is your timing according to your under standing .come back in ten years and awswer it if you can .when you know where your center is and every thing you know .you can activate your matterial in two seconds with out thinking .and two seconds is a long time .who thinks im wrong about this
    this is above your head .its like mathmatics to learn that you must start with addition
    then move on to substraction. see ya in ten years buddy
  13. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    you speak of multiples ,but not in training? only on the street? let me suggest you have two well trained students, of your refined caliber? in your next class attack at the same time ..with full angry force ..with say thai boxing kicks and elbows .after they revive you ,next have one of them hold a marker and do the same thing the marker sybolizing the blade of course .tell us as your imaginary life flashes before your eyes .how well you do peace
  14. ICT

    ICT Shaolin Malay Silat


    Let me tell you something about STREET REAL vs. SCHOOL REAL!

    First in case you don't know me, let me say that I have 18 years in Security, Corrections & Law Enforcement, plus growing up in Tampa & Miami around drug dealers and street gangs.

    No matter how real you TRY to make the scenario in your school, IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME as your life on the line in the streets! Unless in your school you actually try to KILL each other there is no comparison, period!

    All we can do is simulate the realist possible scenario and hope our training works when we need it for STREET REAL when our lives depend on it.

    As far as training hard, yea I agree with that and over the past 31 years of training I have had cracked ribs, dislocated shoulders, broken nose, sprained ankles, broken hand and many, many bruises and contusions BUT NONE OF IT WAS ON PURPOSE FROM A FELLOW STUDENT, THEY WERE ALL ACCIDENTS! I did not go to training looking or wanting to get beat up or hurt, it just happened sometimes due to the nature of the art and/or training.

    I think you should try and let your ego go and listen to some of the people on here! We don't know you so were not your enemy! Listen and learn from those who have been around for a long time regardless of the fact that you don't agree because nothing is as Black & White as some claim, Listen anyway you still may learn something.

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
  15. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    aggree you have the floor tell us more
  16. pukulan student

    pukulan student Valued Member

    would you agree ,that if having your friends jump you in calm cool class setting is hard
    in it self and being really attacked by multiples is incomparibly harder
  17. doc_jude

    doc_jude Banned Banned

    NO!!! You're wrong! You must understand that anyone that is not a devoted PDT chestnut-hugger IS THE ENEMY!


    BTW, does anyone have scans of any old Silat articles? I'm getting ready to put up everything that I can get ahold of of Rudy Terlinden, which is alot, so it may take awhile. Let's consolidate and make it a sticky if we can.
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  18. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    Well for your information we train with more than one attacker in my class. And a lot of the actual Silek Tuo & Cimande Drils we do are infact designed for more than one attaker. I have seen the way most of you move in Bukti. With the exception of PDT or Danny H. NONE are using the Langkahs to their fullest so lets not go there.

    We do actually try to deal with blades in a real manner. What ever clip you may see of me is only a small tip of the iceberg of what I do and what my teacher does.

    I have done what you say with an actual 2" spyderco blade that has been filed down so its not sharp edge but flat and still pointy and still MORE DANGEROUS than a magik marker.

    As for the street I have been in situations as a bodyguard or in security where there are over 30 people fighting at once and 400 people fighting at once (concert gone BAD) and i have been in scenarios where there are few fighting. The point of the matter is I survived all of them without suffering any damage except pepper spray in the face even with eyes unavailable I still hit and damaged and not got hit and was able to survive situation.

    So again your "Class Room" setting theory is B.S. The street never operates like that. And again how much experience have you had in the street with such activity?

    Also a crazed upset drunk or drugged fool who knows nothing about MA and who has totally lost his senses is sometimes more dangerous cause a trained martial artist usually will have "Set" ways of doing or operating and also is not trying to actually Hurt or Kill you.

    So Please TROLL enough with the Ego and the lack of nutsack comments.

    This is not a SILAT COMMUNITY V.S. Bukti.

    Bukti negara is a great art...move on..become a friend and a respectable person in the silat community instead of a douchebag.

    Santiago Dobles
  19. Monyet Nakal

    Monyet Nakal Valued Member

    You cats are all making some very good points, but sadly they will fall on very deaf ears. Pukulan Student is not here to learn anything or better him/herself. They are only here solely to challenge. Ergo anything you post, no matter how informative, will simply be in the spirit of "for the record" and possibly for the understanding of the rest of our community. I appreciate your efforts but Pukulan Student is already fully complete in his/her martial arts training and has nothing more to learn and is thus on far too high a level to be bothered with anything we have to say. We should all bow down in umbrage to the Silat Deity that has deened to grace us with their divine presence.

    However, in the spirit of "for the record" let me say that I do not know of any nor could I imagine any Serak branch or Serak expression that does not include some version of pukul petang and other multiple opponent sparring in their regular training. Some people simply assume far too much about what happens behind other people's door.

    Personally at my school we have all the students line up against a wall while we bring in a busload of angry Marines who open fire on the students with M16s and then send in rottweillers before charging in with 10" trench knives. Well, at least that's what we do with the "children's class..."
  20. Silatyogi

    Silatyogi Valued Member

    Who you calling a dummy?

    I know where my center is and I know how to manpulate someone elses. I have over 15 years of training Nei Gung, Yoga & Qi Gong. Serak is not the 1st art I have trainied where the center was needed to be understood or developed or activated. SERAK is not only answer to all INTERNAL MARTIAL ART Principles. It has a lot of them but not all of them.

    My teacher yes gave me a lot of information. Why cause he thought I could handle it. It wasn't all given at once. However it has been intensive through out the last 4 years. He did so cause I had gone through years of learning the stuff incorrectly with other teachers ( I will not name names out of respect). Those teachers did not know exactly what they where teaching.

    People learn at different paces. no 2 people are the same.

    Sounds to me like you are upset that I have pieces that may have taken you YEARS to develop where for me it took maybe 2 at the most.


    you can be stripped down to 2 energies or temperments

    Yang = One acts before anything occurs. One asserts. One is the director." the bull"

    Yin = One reacts and absorbs and gives back, dissolves, etc "the bull fighter"

    Things to keep in mind for timing:

    1)how they breath, when they blink & How you breath & use your center
    2)sensing intention
    3)Shoulder position
    4)proper use of Langkah
    5) Proper use of jurus
    6)proper use of what the chinese call "Fa Jing" and where to hit.
    7)Understanding when their center moves and immobilizing it either by hitting or off balancing or sticking to it.
    8)non telegraphing yourself

    the list could go on.

    As for the center's energies:

    1) dissolve the center
    2) move the center
    3) fortify the center

    Again everyone here has given you time, energy and attention yet you still come from a place of ego & lack of respect for others....

    So lets start again shall we?

    Hi my name is Santiago Dobles, what is yours?

    I wish you the best in your training, in your Life, in your timing, and in your healing.

    May you be the best at your Silat. God bless


    Santiago Dobles
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