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  1. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on this art? What's it about?

  2. Aegis

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    Bujutsu is art(s) of war, which basically include anything Japanese with the suffix "jutsu". In other words, it's a lot of stuff, not one art in particular.
  3. Twimyo Jirugi

    Twimyo Jirugi Me, but not

    Thanx for the help!
  4. kobudo_tob

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    Not to be confused with Bajutsu, or Bojutsu
  5. xplasma

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    Bujutsu = "Art of War". It a way of life and way of mind for japanese martial arts. In our dojo we say "Ninpo is Bujutsu."

    My Sensei always says "You come here to fight, but I come here to die." Meaning you know you are going to die, and you are going to get hurt, go into the fight with that knowledge, and if you happen to survive that good. The idea of keeping Heijo-Shin and Tranquil Spirit and not let your emotions take control of you. Bujutsu is a encompassing concept.

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