Bujinkan Brin Morgan Seminar - London, Jan 2009

Discussion in 'Event promotion forum' started by manchesterdojo, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. manchesterdojo

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    Shadow Warrior Bujinkan Dojo London

    is very pleased to invite you and your training group to our first seminar of 2009 with
    Shihan Brinley Morgan on 31st Jan & 1st Feb 2008

    For more details and to reserve a place please contact:

    Danjel Starborg on 07941155013​
  2. Dhalsim-on

    Dhalsim-on Banned Banned

    If there are people travelling from Staffs. or Manc. I can get a lift with and its not extortionately expensive, I'd love to attend.
  3. maf

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  4. Dhalsim-on

    Dhalsim-on Banned Banned

    Yeah I've trained at chester before, will give them a bell. Thanks. :cool:
  5. eLiTeWoLf

    eLiTeWoLf Valued Member

    hi i am hoping to join you in the next couple of months at your dojo. Just wondering what the differences are between the beginners and advanced ninjutsu classes are?

    And what is the dress code lol
  6. manchesterdojo

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    Thread Drift

    I have e-mailed you a response as this is a thread for seminar adverts. Please feel free to post any other questions about our dojo on the Manchester Dojo thread here:




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