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  1. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter


    After much deliberating I have decided to open up my club’s resources on the foundational techniques / principles of the Bujinkan. The information ends with Kihon Happo

    The idea behind this is to help beginners develop strong basics and raise some money for a wonderful charity (www.gosh.org). I will not profit from this in any way

    It’s available here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Basics-of-Buj...s_SM?hash=item27aae8ca0a&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

    I hope that people find it useful and I would genuinely appreciate everyone’s comments (good or bad) as hopefully I can learn as a result



  2. Nutjob

    Nutjob Jimmy Tarbuck

    Unlike Simon Yeo ha ha!!!

    nice one Dunc..
  3. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member


    Nice one.
  4. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Thanks for the support

    I don't actually have a problem with anyone making money from training as long as they are faithfully representing our art. Which, in my opinion Simon's book does

  5. poryu

    poryu Valued Member


    I cant see the reason to have a little dig at Simon for his book and making a profit from it. Normally thats why someone writes a book.

    I suppose if we have to have a dig at Simon then we have to have a dig at every single person who has made money out of books related to the Bujinkan.

    I am sure you wont mind me mentioning people such as Pedro, Sven Eric, Arnaud and dont forget of course Hatsumi sensei.

    And the one to mention most of all is me - I am such a bad man :ban:
  6. siyeo

    siyeo Valued Member

    Simon Yeo book

    Hi Nutjob,

    As I have decided to reply to this post I was wondering out of politeness if you would tell me who you are and what facts you have based your comments on? If you like, I can post up my royalty statement and you will see that to date I have yet to receive any royalties. I have a reasonably good job that pays well, so I am not sure on this basis, why you think I wrote the book for money. Maybe you could explain this to everyone. I trust you wont hide behind your pseudonym like someone who has no conviction in the things they say. After all we are supposed to be training in martial arts.


    Simon Yeo
  7. Devil Hanzo

    Devil Hanzo Doesn't tap to heel-hooks

    ^^^^^ Pure, simple, unadulterated WIN.
  8. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    I'm with Simon on this one

    I think that most people produce content or run seminars out of a desire to help people rather than make money or become “famous”. Probably many of us in the Bujinkan also feel a sense of responsibility to try, in a small way, to raise the calibre of the martial artists in our organisation too

    I've managed to raise a modest amount for Gt Ormond St which I am really pleased with, but there is no way that I could retire on the amount raised

  9. siyeo

    siyeo Valued Member

    All that is bad in the Bujinkan

    As you can imagine. Quite often the Bujinkan is rideculed by other martial arts. Mainly due to the unrealistic way training is conducted. This mainly happens because students can't do what good instructors are showing and think it is ok to always do henka and consequently do not improve. When you are learning from an instructor you should try and mimick his technique as close as possible. He probably has chosen a specific technique to help you learn a certain movement. The reason for this is that a lot of students only try and do advanced techniques and their basics are rubbish. This by the way is not totally the students fault.

    If Nutjob had bothered to ask, this is why the book was written, so people had a clear reference point. It does not include all the details as this would be too much for a basics book. It was written in a hope that people would improve and benefit from it and stop turning this great art into a joke.

    Unfounded comments like Nutjob's only go to demine this art further. So we shall see if Nutjob has the nuts to reply to my original post or is he like so many just a keyboard warrior who has no conviction in what he says and is another of those weak people who only is able to snipe at people from afar. People should learn their is a consequence to their actions and I guess Nutjob is feeling a certain amount of pressure.


    Simon Yeo
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  10. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Recently Soke advised us to look at his training in the same way as we might read a story. His analogy was that you can’t only read the last few chapters and understand what’s going on, you have to read a book “cover to cover”

    So his advice was to go back and look at the way that he trained 20, 15, 10, 5 years ago and follow the same path

    This seemed to me to be extremely useful advice

    As an aside people like Noguchi-sensei are also going to a lot of trouble to teach the basics, but I was quite surprised at how quiet these basics classes were…………..

  11. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    Probably because a lot of poeple, including Shihans, don't think they need to lower themselves by learning basics anymore, their loss and arrogance!
  12. Makimono

    Makimono New Member

    The sad thing is that this had to actually be said (again,) rather than being the norm!

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