Bujinkan and or Genbukan in Gold Coast - Queensland?

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by StingKing, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. StingKing

    StingKing Valued Member

    Anybody knows if Bujinkan and or Genbukan operates in Gold Coast, Queensland of Australia?
  2. Dean Whittle

    Dean Whittle Valued Member

    Try www.ninpo.com.au, the Genbukan Nanzan Dojo which is based in Brisbane, maybe they have a training group at or near the Gold Coast.

    With respect
  3. ninjaboy

    ninjaboy Valued Member

    stingking ,
    there are genbukan and bujinkan dojo in and around the brisbane and goldcoast areas , for the bujinkan go to www.bujinkanbrisbane.freeyellow.com and for the genbukan there international site has links to australia , it is www.genbukan.org . The bujinkan site has a list of dojo in it so you can get Jamies number from it he trains out of beenliegh , but also does the coast , gregh:)

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