buddha/vajra thangka (2) I photoshopped (slow loadin)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by jroe52, May 4, 2007.

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    Nice but isn't work for just that, work.
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    not when its a campus job, lol
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    Cool, I like the red background in that one. mmhmm
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    made this one before bed... :)

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    Jroe... playing in Photoshop is all good and well... but I'm curious what the effect is that you're trying to achieve? Frankly it looks like you've taken some rather average thangka's and done some random photoshopping to them. It really hasn't improved them.

    Photoshop is a great piece of software but Photoshop and it's filters for their own sake don't really mean much.
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    i am not trying to accomplish anything, but i like them, so i'll keep doing it until i do not.

    i am unable to draw buddhas, so i want to do some artwork around the buddha sometime as a background but use a buddha from a thangka which i greatly appreciate no matter how humble they are.

    so i like drawing stuff, then scanning it, and double layering it to add different thickness to it... but next time i scan im going to use a better scanner to not get "aliasing" or choppy lines... it would look nicer.

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    Jroe if you dig the drawing stuff you surely can draw Buddha's. In fact there are any number of books out there on doing just that. You just got to practice bro. You'll get it... just takes practice like anything else. Being able to render a decent Buddha is a good skill... not gonna pay the bills... lol... but nice to be able to render. Give it a shot. I'm sure there must be some references on line for the different styles of Buddha's that are out there.

    If not... on Monday I'll scan some pages and post them for you. I've got dozens of books on Buddhist motifs and what not. The Thai's have many instructional texts for this kind of a thing for their aritisans. I've picked up many stunning texts on drawing Buddha's and the other associated imagery in Nepal over the last several years. Good stuff.

    I'll post some links for you:


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    thats cool! 20 hour course for 160$ is cheap... to bad im in the US.

    i don't want to make money, that wouldn't be very buddhist like hehe. maybe i'll pick up a related book. thanks

    i want to do spacey effects like in the flyer, but have a buddha in the middle like a traditional thangka
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  14. slipthejab

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    You do realize that using the image of Buddha for flyers for gigs and raves and what not isn't exactly very Buddhist either. A devout Buddhist would consider it desecration of a sacred image. Many would consider it in poor taste. Zen Buddhist's however wouldn't mind much. :D

    Don't kid yourself though... there are plenty of Buddhist's making money. The Tibetan Buddhist community is one of the wealthiest communities out there. Business has gone hand in hand with Tibetan Buddhism since just about ever.
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    umm... where did i use the buddha's image for flyers?

    it looks like swirly hippy shat to me...

    the other pictures are not flyers... just the one that says flyer.

    i'm not a ****. i got in an argument last year with an ahole at work. he was putting up flyers with buddhas picture "come help make the buddha happy", "rummage for donations"

    umm... in reality he was selling off his stuff to pay for his credit card! i got in a huge debate with him, saying that its not good to use religious images for selling and making profits... and he was like i'm not, its for charity...

    so his charity was his credit card fund. wtf! lol

    i took down the posters on campus.

    but yeah... i wouldn't do that for a flyer... i just was showing you that when i want to make my own buddha picture, not flyer... i want to do that type of squigglies (from the flyer) around the image of a buddha... so i put that on there to show you the planned affect
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    i noticed a side effect of photoshop for 5 hours lol... it helps your tantric meditations because the images are burned into your head haha.
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    There are only so many photoshoped Buddha threads that one site needs. ;)

    I merged this and the previous thread.
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    Anyway to hide the pictures so it reduces the load times? Thats why I created a second post. Some manga websites have it so you can type
    to hide the image till you click it. Anything I can do like this?

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