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  1. jonestown9

    jonestown9 New Member

    I'm wondering if anyone has any idea's what could cause someone to bruise with abnormal ease? From things like frisbees, I mean really low intensity impacts. Could this be a simple mineral deficency? Something really bad?


  2. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    Have you seen a doctor?

    I know a few that bruise rather easy due to clotting disorders.

    But you're in Canada, Doesn't cost to see a doctor, ask them.
  3. r4bid

    r4bid New Member

    some people just bruise easily. If this is something that has started recently though you should definitly see a doctor.
  4. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    All I know for sure is that as you get older you do tend to bruise more easily ... your skin tends to thin as you get older, because the layer of fat under your skin thins. This layer is what protects blood vessels in your skin from injury.

    If you are just noticing now then it could be a side effect from a medication. In rare circumstances it can signal a vitamin deficiency or blood-clotting defect.
    Medications and supplements that have been shown toi ncrease bruising include: aspirin, blood thinners, ginseng, gingko biloba, excess Vitamin E .
  5. JediMasterChris

    JediMasterChris Columbo

    This happens to alot of people with aids, when you get cut do you stop bleeding or does it take a long time to stop? Are you anemic?
  6. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    .. also to people who are anorexic or bulemic too ... but "bruising" can be a side effect to almost anything... even alcoholism :hiccup:
    or clumsiness too;)

    ... but I am not assuming the worse in jonestown9's case ... generally it is just hereditary or you're just getting older!
  7. JediMasterChris

    JediMasterChris Columbo

    How easily are you talkin about? 20s is pretty young for that isn't it?
  8. jonestown9

    jonestown9 New Member

    Actually, it's my girlfriend who's had this happing lately. She was away on a field school for a couple of weeks and had ... well... lackluster dietary fufillment, hence that being a possibility. She's always bruised alot more easily then most people, but lately it's just been outrageous (her hands were bruised after playing frisbee). She's got a doctors appointment booked, but wondered if anyone had any ideas.

    As for acohol... ;) na, doub't that could be it.

  9. JediMasterChris

    JediMasterChris Columbo

    Hmmm? I don't know...I did read a thing that says males have thicker skin that women but if it is bruising from frisbee that sounds weird. I have no idea.:confused:
  10. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Tell her to go to a doctor asap. Bruising easily is not a good sign :( It could be many things, but she really should get proper medical attention.

    How is she healthwise apart from the bruising?
  11. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    ... could she possibly have an eating disorder??
  12. jonestown9

    jonestown9 New Member

    Nope, she's not fat, but definitely not the 'i eat air' body type. <shrug> Guess there's no simple answer, we were kind of hoping that this might be something in the manner of 'not enough zinc' or something.

    Thanks anyways all

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