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  1. fightinchance

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    War wounds! Lets compare - Ha ha

    What's your best bruise, or series of bruises?

    Having practiced with one VERY Precise partner, I can name the bruise by pressure point, and I'm telling you they are exact!
    Oh, and I have one the size of someones foot..(forensics out still on who's foot) right on my inner thigh. Swimsuit season is going to be very colourfull this year.
  2. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    not a bruise but i recently cut my leg doing jung guhm hyung. the tip of the sword got stuck in my trouser leg, ripped a hole and gave me a 2 inch long cut :eek:

    good job it wasn't a live blade, eh? :rolleyes:
  3. AirNick

    AirNick Valued Member

  4. SoonerKSW

    SoonerKSW Valued Member

    had a exact one only on my tricep, after my partner took me down steped up on my arm and pinched it good with all his toes, had a perfect bruise of all 5 toes, that was pretty...

    Sat. class just got a good rug burn on my foot, little nasty...
  5. ember

    ember Valued Member

    The worst was shortly after I made DBN, I had bruises all up and down my shins, the right one in particular, from sparring. Too much blocking with the leg, got that shin-on-shin contact. I was using the herbal stuff and it still took a long time to clear up.

    The good news is, I haven't had it that bad since. Not sure whether I've learned better techniques, or just got the shin conditioning in place.

    Usually I don't remember where they came from.
  6. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    my worst came from indoor soccer. I was running full tilt sideways to prevent the guy from getting around me, and I failed to notice his partner attemping to block. I tripped and hit the ground hard. The bruise on my hip/upper leg could not be covered by my hand, and was a deep purple.
  7. fightinchance

    fightinchance New Member

    LOL - Now those are some nice bruises, and that video...Oh, that had to hurt. ouch!

    I tried taking pictures of my current bruises, but the pics all came out looking (and I need a tan, my whiteness is to overwhelming for the digi to process :eek: )
  8. bonita

    bonita Valued Member

    i hurt my shin in a full contact sparring match with two big guys on me. i was running scared (LOL) and kept going until i couldn't walk--took me months to heal
  9. Angelus

    Angelus Waiting for summer :D

  10. turk944

    turk944 Valued Member

    I would have to say one of the most painful bruises I've had (maybe not the biggest) was having Jung Gup Sohn Mok Soo #6 done on me and I had my normal sleeveless underarmour on. Well, durring the grab-the-doh-bok pressure point maneuver, my partner grabbed a chunk of my bicep and twisted it into the doh-bok. Needless to say I had a multi-colord starburst looking bruise right at my armpit that was very sensitive.
  11. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    I always have enjoyed a good nak bub.

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  12. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Hrm.... let's see.

    When I was a yellow belt, entered my first tournament. Apparently there were a lot of shin shots/blocking from sparring, because I couldn't walk afterwards. We left early (didn't stay for Masters demo and such), had dinner at a local restaurant, I asked the waiter for a huge bag of ice... my entire right front shin was just in pain, swollen, couldn't walk on it. Probably my worst "bruise".

    Some months ago, PSBN Tim was figuring out what he was going to do for our school's in-house Christmas Demo and was figuring out a pressure point striking routine. So, he practiced on DBN me and another DBN, and all the shots were very precise, over and over, and I left that night well tenderized. I recall some of those bruises, tho small, took a few weeks before they fully disappeared.

    Then there's been this week at the dojang. I figure since it was spring break and classes were smaller and we wanted something fun/different to do, SBN Dewain had is working on some hardcore self-defense and ground fighting stuff. My skin can be sensitive at times, getting really marked up. I always love coming home, changing clothes, and my wife looking at my body and saying "And you PAY for this?!?!" :D This week had me especially marked up. :cool:
  13. Shibby!

    Shibby! Valued Member

    Ok guys enjoy this one


    Even looking at it makes me feel sick!!!

    That went from my toes right up to my knee!

    Wrecked ankle from a demo where i twisted the wrong way, the ankle felt like it crushed, as i heard a crunch.

    Ended up with blood in the joint, which somehow got infected. Dont ask me how!!!!!!!!

    Couldnt walk for 3 weeks, couldnt even use crutches as the pain from the blood going to the joint was immense!

    Was out for 2 months as i can remmeber.

    Had a really funny one, when i crashed my car at 60mph into a bridge. I got knocked out cold from the window.
    But the air freshener had flew off the interior mirror and cracked me on the head, and i had a big lump for weeks after!


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  14. TXKukSoolBB

    TXKukSoolBB Valued Member

    Yes, I too have heard this. Our wives must have graduated from the same school of thought. :)
  15. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I got the pressure point set, too, around November / early December last year. Not *bad* ones, just faint yellow, it was pretty cool.
  16. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    Shibby Wins
  17. coc716

    coc716 Just Some Guy

    Yeah, Nick's pictures were good, but Shibby's going to be tough to beat. :)
  18. psbn matt

    psbn matt great sage = of heaven

    here's my entry

    this is what happen's when you don't block in staff sparring.

    also as a side note, i have torn my hamstring twice, once half way through my yuck ghum hyung at tournament (also had to do an acrobatic demo that day too) still won gold though :D

    and i have damaged my siatic (sp?) nerve doing a somersault and was unable to do anything but lying flat for 3 months, couldn't even put my socks on or climb the stairs. it took a whole 12 months for me to get 90% mobility back with that one.

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  19. mr shoosh

    mr shoosh Valued Member

    injuries are the pits i had 2 groin stains both of which lasted a year and have a current lcl ligament tear that i hurt 8 months ago. I evntually rehabed it got 12 weeks almost injury free then tore again at work, spent the last 3 years with constant injuries, i work as a pro breakdancer daytimes then kuk sool at night contant strain to much for the tendons and ligaments lol

    or maybee im just gettin old and paying a price for all those flips when i was younger lol :)
  20. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    I had a bruise on my um "groin area", from where an old demo partner kicked me. her leg rose up on maek cha ki #4. I won't show the picture, I'm sure everyone will thank me. :D :D

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