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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by waya, Aug 2, 2003.

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    Yeah, not a bad article. Raises some good points... if it were true.

    Now, I wonder why no-one has posted an opinion on it. Has anyone read it? If they have, then they may feel that they don't want to believe it... or some such. Is it too bad to be true?

    Anyways... the writer was using information of Bruce's workouts from 1965. Ok.... 1965?? That's a bit early isn’t it?

    During this period of his life, the period that this article is relating to -1965, Bruce had only been seriously weight training for less then three years!! This was even before he had a clear view of JKD!

    Five years later could have made a hell of a difference. In 1965... To my knowledge, Bruce was not all that knowledgeable in methods for strength gains... that came about 3 years down the track. He was still doing workouts for body building. It says it right there in the article. Three sets of ten. If Bruce was seriously focusing on strength then he wouldn’t be doing a muscle/strength exercise. It has been proved that he wouldn’t be in a later stage in his life... five years later.

    I mean come... It's like saying a building was a pile of rubbish by looking at the block of land it was built on.

    So I don't like the article. It's not honest. If it was based on Bruce's workouts during the early 1970's and it still came to the same conclusion, then I would have told a different story.

    Can anyone else see my point? You have to. It's plain as day. Who is that guy who wrote it anyway? People like should get there facts right before soiling someone’s name. Now it’s on net’ for everyone to see…

    And he uses the excuse that fans would say that he was not using his full strength... no dimwit!! People will say that you've got it all wrong!!!
  3. waya

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    Exactly why I posted it here... If people are going to see it, let's hear what's thought of it
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    I thought that's why you might have ;)
  5. Bon

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    I wouldn't know have known about the squats unless Ving Tsun had pointed that out, but I could pick up on this:

    bicep curls = upper body strength? LOLZ!

    I think this guy's pretty jealous & insecure with himself, so if he selectively picks out stats he can make himself believe he's better than one of the best martial artists who lived.
  6. Greg-VT

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    Yeah... I basically had the same thought too. But maybe for -other- people to believe he's better.
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    There are too many flaws to mention right now. One of which is comparing his VO2 max with other athletes. The auther came up with a figure based on Lee's running (and nothing else) then compared it with other athletes who have had their VO2 max levels tested.

    The auther tried to make the article seem scientifically sound but the only data he has is data he predicted from small pieces of information.

    I don't think Lee was super human but it seems the author is just trying to make Lee look average, which I don't think he was.
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    And of course Bruce Lee never had to prove himself in any competition. He did do a few deminstrations to get his point accross when telling people about JKD.

    His workouts were tailored for him. Ho knew what he needed to do for his training. Besides, The author is bringing up Bruce's experience from the 60's and earlier 70's. And comparing them to today's athletes.

    Bruce Lee trained like no other. He was living martial arts every day. He constantly kept improving himself. He opened peoples eyes to the concept of ' Using any technique as you technique'. And to free ourselves from set techniques.
    He held a presence on screen. He is the fastest person I've seen when it comes to punching.

    The article does make you think. But there is very little truth in it. I see the point. Bruce Lee has influenced MANY martial artists to be their best by opening their minds to new ideas, new techniques, no forms and training realistically. This is what he is remembered by. Even today, he still has an impression on us. So one article will not down grade his talent as a martial artist. I don't care if he is the best or not. He's still the most talked about martial artist even after his death 30 years ago.
  9. Grifter

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    Didnt Bruce Lee die in a hospital?? I havent ever heard anything about him dying in the apartment of another women. I dont know if thats true so if it is somebody tell me. As far as the will, I dont think many people who are 30 have a will. i think the author was trying to make it look bad but just made himself look like an idiot. I dont think anything in the section about his personal life has anything to do with his martial arts ability. What does competing have to do with your skill. Just because you dont compete doesnt mean you arent good. He said that bruce didnt have a record like other superstar such as ...Chuck Norris..., well Chuck Norris was a great Martial Artist and he took lessons from Lee that right there show something.And many other established martial artist believed he was the good otherwise they wouldnt have taken lesson from Bruce Lee. So even if he doesnt have the record to prove it the fact that the people who did have the records to show there skill took lesson from Lee show that he must have been great.
  10. Greg-VT

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    Nah, as far as I know he died in the apartment. He layed down on the bed and went to sleep... trying to relieve a headache. He did'nt wake up. To my knowledge, I'm pretty sure he was dead before he was taken from the room.
  11. Tosh

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    Bwwahaahah I'm 25 and have a will and pension!!!

    I'm retiring early kiddies!!
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    I've read the whole thing and understood it (I took a stats class in school). Very very interesting. It doesn't seem to include an assesment of his sparring ability, which is a shame. Is waya who I think he might be? People, take a look at this, most of the way down the page, for a realistic criticism of the bruce lee cult.
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  14. Greg-VT

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    It looks to me that in that thread no-body noticed that it was based on info from 1965.

    The relation of the facts in the article and it's aim/conclusion is dishonest.

    bah does'nt matter I guess :D I'm over it.
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    Yes - I missed that the first time - thanks for pointing it out.

    It certainly throws a whole new perspective on the article.
  16. Greg-VT

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    Sorry, my reply may have come across a bit strong. I did not intend it to. Sorry. I didnt mean it as some sort of offencive or anything

    I actually came back to delete it, but you had already replied.

    moving on.
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    here is my opinion on Bruce Lee. I think Bruce is one of the most overrated and over exploited martial artist of all time. I never agreed with his philosophies on martial arts. I have a great deal of respect for clasical marial arts and having them be studied in their entirety not just the practical technique.

    As for his physical prowess, he died before I was born, I tend not to judge a person until I see him first hand.

    He was no doubt an inovator and a brilliant contribution to the film industry. But I honestly think that if he hadnt had such a cult following for his movies, or was in the movies period he would have just been a flash in the pan that only a few in the martial arts world would remember.
  18. Andy Murray

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  19. YODA

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    Strange view.

    What are the impractical techniques for then? Art? Art of what?
  20. GTR

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    How did he die again? I My mom said that he went to sleep and never woke up. How he died was always sketchy and I've heard so many different theories. We both doubted it could be from natural causes because of his young age and extremely good health.

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