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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Omicron, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Recently, a couple of friends and I got to arguing over how well BJJ would work in a sword fight. Now, I know that avoiding confrontation with an armed opponent is always the best idea, regardless of how much grappling training I have. I'm under no delusions: I want to avoid confrontation whenever possible. However, my friends own a few practice foam swords, and are interested in a challenge match where I go unarmed and one of them gets a foam longsword. Other than a couple SCA events, they are mostly untrained, so it's not like I'll be up against a master swordsman or anything like that.

    My question is this: what tips and techniques should I keep in mind to make my BJJ as useful as possible in this scenario? Is there any chance of me coming out on top, or is the sword just too much of an obstacle to overcome? If I can close the distance and force things to the ground, it'll be over pretty quickly. Between me and that goal is a long pointy metal (or in this case foam) thing, though. Any advice?
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    tackle him?
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    Muto dori is often seen as a last ditch situation, your problem is that a competent "swordsman" will be able to control the combative interval at his leisure.

    The foam weapons may make you careless, perhaps something like a good LARP sword and eye protection would be best. You need something that is going to sting so you have that incentive to not get whacked.

    You need to get them to commit to that cut fully, if they don't have much experience then that may be doable.
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  4. Hannibal

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    Watch some Dog Brothers - they blend BJJ with weapon work.
  5. philosoraptor

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    What are the rules to the bout? Are we to assume that you're grappling while armored, or will even a touch be counted as a wound of some sort? Videotape the thing!
  6. Omicron

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    Not totally sure of the rules yet....we'll have to get them settled soon, I guess. I don't think I'd be counted as wearing armour, though I think to be fair it would still take more than a touch to cause a fight-ending wound.

    I'll definitely make sure to record the matches.
  7. Rebel Wado

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    Foam longsword is fast. If they have gone to SCA events and fought, do not assume they are untrained. They may be badly trained but they will know how to use a foam weapon. There are a few ways you can look at the encounter... are you allowed to catch and grab the weapon? When you get hit, would it be considered a killing blow?

    I suspect it will be about the same as coming in expecting a full contact MMA cage fight and ending up competing in a karate point tournament.

    Well since they get a foam longsword in this challenge, I'm assuming they picked the weapon... you pick the place... pick a broom closet for the place. :evil:

    Or say that they have to start with weapon in scabbard (tucked all the way in belt) so they have to draw the weapon in combat... start five feet away.

    You could also pick a place with a nice tree that you can run behind. Make them chase you around the tree and they may make a mistake and give you their backside for the taking.

    As was already said, wear eye protection.

    Just some thoughts.
  8. Unreal Combat

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    I think it's more realistic for the sword to not be belted. If someone attacked you with a sword in the street (and however rare an incident, it does happen) they would likely not have it tucked in the belt, or even sheathed. I know if I was an attacker, I wouldn't.
  9. Dead_pool

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    Control the set point let them slash away and then BIG penatration step down the centre, wrap the arm strike to the face to get a good flich going and foot sweep / throw them.

    Or Control the set point let them slash away, and after they've over extended, wrap the arm 2 on 1 russian tie style, keep arm control, and work for the back.

    For drills you can run both
    1) A solid hit restarts,
    2) Keep on going untill the end, maybe count points etc- which improves a sense of continuing no matter what.

    Also take turns doing both sides, so its less challenge-y and more friendly.

    Have fun!

    ps this book, has some entries etc vs bayonet / stike and knife.

    [ame=""]H2H: Hand to Hand Combat - Modern Army Combatives: Greg Thompson, Kid Peligro: 9781931229432: Books[/ame]

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