Bringing Aikido to a Fist Fight: an Anecdote

Discussion in 'Aikido' started by Jitsuka, Jun 30, 2017.

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    Because you've literally said that aikido as too dangerous to free spar with, which is the same thing notable frauds also say.
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    Thanks, interesting read!
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    I find this whole "internet warrior" thing weird.

    Firstly, what is fraud? Maeda studied Judo, but back then it was much closer to Kito/Tenshin Shinyo-ryu etc, both jujutsu styles. BJJ isn't therefore jujutsu/jiujitsu (that's just straight up fraud), but since the Gracies reformatted the art, it's probably one of the best fighting systems available, highly respected BUT STILL LITERALLY jujutsu/jiujitsu (although not by linage). As for "fraud", have I claimed a "belt colour" (which is gendai budo territorial measuring basically)? Nope. I'm posting under my own name, and trained under exactly who I've said I have. Ask him. I teach Aiki Budo independently of that like I said, an art with no central authority or even "real" definition.

    The funny thing about people who use keikogi to advertise things rather than their actual symbolic purpose (clean keikogi, dirty obi) is they ain't too respectful of Japanese culture, and in my case, Aikido. The Grandmaster continually said it wasn't about fighting (thus I laughed about Chiba/Wang or even LeBelle/Seagal type things). I'm not a great tough man in a homoerotic talent measuring contest, I'm a guy that likes and practices martial arts. Look at Saito, and what he taught with a bokken, look at the founder doing the same thing. I'm obviously from Iwama style and towing a party line, but maybe you don't realise I KNOW that? I'm not a fighter, nor an athlete, nor a killer, I'm an aikidoka. I wouldn't even want to meet any of you physically, you'd probably try and touch me me for not looking like a condom stuffed full of walnuts when I make a conversation about MA. Why is that hard to understand for you? Since I also know that Australians as a culture (generally) think Americans are a kind of self centered therapy centre for autistic bullyboys, I'll try use something easier to understand (Rogan doesn't cut our mustard, he's just another junkie, albeit a funny one). In Australia, before America's precious "right to shoot everyone" constitution was developed, we used martial arts to herd birds by throwing sticks in the air (boomerang). Our weapons even come back they're so well made. It's not like people actually hate on Americans for casually nuking Japan (twice), the English did the same thing here at Woomera. Ueshiba even has a quote (from the Takemusu Aiki lectures) about how Aikido was designed to destroy nuclear weapons. The point I'm making here is I'm from a different culture, one that doesn't like such petty schoolyard vocabulary and "POW BAM" behaviour. If you don't understand my bias, I choose not to understand yours. If you take the "art" out of "martial" you can have a free thug, double size it, and (Mod edit-non-family friendly reference deleted).

    So, enjoy your butthurt jokes and endless masculine ritual flexing. I've already got what I came here for (thanks Chris).

    I've enjoyed MAP (I'll link it on my site, as the best darn martial arts site on the internet). XXX
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    Nobody called you a fraud, Most of the people on here arnt american.

    And you honestly dont seem to be here for rational, calm, debate, which is what MAP is for.
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    You mean "too deadly to spar" that kinda thing? Yeah, it is weird

    Someone who presents themselves as something they are not

    Judo is a reading/school of Ju Jutsu if you want to get pedantic - so id Aikido really. The Gracies call it what they were taught it as - Maeda called it Ju Jutsu when he taught it to them and here we are today

    Reading comprehension - no one called you a fraud, they merely pointed out a common intersection point

    It's not about fighting in a thread about fighting where people say it isn't the best for fighting and you have just spent the last few pages arguing about how effective it is at fighting?

    What are you even arguing about anymore?

    As is everyone else here - except the gals who like and practice martial arts obviously


    Because the sentence makes no sense

    a) The majority on MAP are not American
    b) Way to stereotype
    c) Need I make the obvious Australian vs Yogurt joke?

    He is extensively qualified in martial arts and holds more belts than you. Doesn't make him a better person, doesn't make him right but dismissing his opinion shows how little you actually know about him

    As did most countries - what is the point of this ridiculous assertion?

    Your posts suggest otherwise - similarly your calim to affinity with Japanese culture is undermined by this as it has a long history of violent, competitive and hierachy based behaviours

    So with no actual experience you feel free to criticize every discipline that doesn't wear magic pants and pay lip service to some lofty perception? Got it

    I think what I like most is the way you speak of not being all macho and how your art is for personal growth and development and yet the second people don't agree with you or post a counter point you get sand in your nethers, throw a strop and storm off in a huff

    Way to represent there cool breeze

    We will - Enjoy your inability to comprehend what is being said and your passive aggressive rage quit


    Your lifestyle choice Skippy
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    There have been no personal insults.

    Indeed, I'd love nothing more than to talk about martial arts over alcohol. I'm a very good amateur fighter, but I'm not muscle bound or masculine as you insinuated. I wear Hello Kitty t shirts.
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    Apparently I am either a 14 year old troll or a legit badass

    If it ever gets out I am a chartered accountant from Lewisham I am ruined......
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    Just one last thing.......
    (please correct me if im wrong)

    You say you never passed shodan, but you now teach your own class of akibudo namedto differentiate it from your own teachers art, which you havnt got a teachers licence in.

    So did you give yourself a blackbelt in your newly named art? or is there a piece of the puzzle missing?
  9. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Sorry, I've reread the post,, and you say you were an 1st kyu, and that you didnt pass the shodan test, on the he occasion you were talking about.

    So you may well be a shodan etc now
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    Don't ever change Hannibal
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