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  1. ScorpioJ

    ScorpioJ New Member

    Me and my best have been trying to find somewhere to do breakdancing for ages and no where does it in our area (that we can find)!

    I know this is a long shot putting this thread on MAP but i've been studying Jun Fan Gung Fu for the last 2 and a half years and have been using MAP too and have seen some random threads in the past so you never know!!

    Can anyone tell me whether you know of anyone or are someone who offers breakdancing/bodypopping lessons in the Leicester area? We are willign to travel outside of Leicester if need be but obviously not too far!

    Private or group lessons are welcome and are obviously willign to pay for the right teacher.

    Thanks in anticipation
  2. TheMightyMcClaw

    TheMightyMcClaw Dashing Space Pirate

    Hmm... I'd check local university clubs, first. A lot of Universities (well, both of the ones I have any familiarity with) have their own Bboying clubs. Not really lesssons, just show up groove, learn from people who know more.
    If not, maybe you could start hitting up dance clubs/discos, and waiting to see if any talented Bboys are around, then ask them where they learned. They might be able to point you in the righ direction.

    Breakdancing is a ton of fun, and I hope your search comes to fruition.

    MMAWARRIOR20 Valued Member

    you might want to put this in another category. unless you're looking for a martial art that puts moves like the worm,headspin,the robot,the wave to good use lol.
  4. karate princess

    karate princess Savvy??

  5. adouglasmhor

    adouglasmhor Not an Objectivist

    And if you start doing Street Jazz you will have an excuse for collecting Jazz Mags.
  6. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Nahh all you need is a copy of Breakdance the Movie, or Breakin as it is known in America, plus Breakdance II Electric Boogaloo, watch them and you will find ALL you need to know about being good at breakdancing!
    Believe me, I spent my formative years watching them too much but am now an excellent Breaker :love: ( in my head I am anyway)

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  7. karate princess

    karate princess Savvy??

    LOL, and that's why we don't learn from videos! :D
  8. adouglasmhor

    adouglasmhor Not an Objectivist

    Su I think you are unaware of what a jazz mag is.
  9. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Yes I do ;)
  10. adouglasmhor

    adouglasmhor Not an Objectivist

    OK but I have just remembered in one of the outdoor scenes in Breakdance you can see a young J C Van Damme in a leotard in the watching crowd doing dad dancing, It makes me laugh even now.
  11. Su lin

    Su lin Gone away

    Lol oh yeah remember that!!!!!!!
    Ooh I may watch it this afternoon (if my boyfriend lets me)
    Nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooo just remembered, my video isn't working. :eek: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  12. fogo

    fogo Valued Member

    hit up a capoeira school, you might find some b-boys there, cause usually b-boy's become capoeistas after seeing how similar it is, so check them out, and thats real talk.

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