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  1. smithter

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    Hello, i have been training in Boxing for 6 months now, and really enjoying it, im looking to add something more to my training, im thinking of adding one lesson a week of kickboxing along with my 2 times a week boxing, how similar is the footwork and handwork in boxing and kickboxing, or are there any other styles that would suit a boxer?
  2. Ben Gash CLF

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    REALLY dependent on school and format TBH, and also how narrow your boxing stance is.
  3. ap Oweyn

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    Agreed. Kickboxing is almost a meaningless generic term these days. Much as any martial art might have been called kung fu or karate in years past. Or any martial artist might have been called a ninja. Kickboxing has become similarly generic over the years. Mixed martial artist is well on the way to that sort of meaninglessness as well.
  4. Lockjaw

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    Boxing and kickboxing have many common aspects, yet they employ different techniques and training methods.
    A boxer relies on simple punching techniques delivered from different angles, alternating between speed strikes and power punches to confuse and dominate his opponent.
    A kickboxer carefully measures the distance between himself and his opponent to strike with his legs and then move in close to use his hands. Both sports provide great cardiovascular workouts and enhance fighters' timing and balance.

    Regular boxing or kickboxing work-outs will not only make you fitter and stronger, but will also teach you elements of self-defence.
    Jogging twice a week is not going to help you as you square up to a would-be mugger or rapist, but the techniques and confidence you gain from boxing training just might.

    The boxing and kickboxing classes vary in intensity and skill level.
    Basic classes start with a warm up of stretching and skipping and progress into techniques.
    Classes also involve students working with a partner on the bags or with mitts, using punching and kicking combinations.
    More advanced classes involve high intensity pad and bag work and light-contact sparring drills.
  5. Sandninjer

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    Some of the assistant instructors at my first boxing gym were primarily practicing American kickboxing (non-Muay Thai), so it was always rather interesting learning techniques from them (probably why I had a rough start at my 2nd gym). Boxing stances tend to be much tighter and closed, assuming you're not one of those cocky punks that started a month ago and already trying to apply Mohammad Ali-like tactics. The traditional American kickboxing stance is wider, allowing you more room to build momentum to bring out a solid kick. As far as movement, you understandably have much more upperbody movement in boxing.

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