Bouncer punches woman in face to defend himself

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by EdiSco, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. EdiSco

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    This is a tough one, but would you defend yourself with force against women (and kids)?:

    If I were attacked in this manner, I'd be tempted to just kick the shin (I'm a boxer). Punching an untrained person in the face/head/jaw is very dangerous. But the problem is, these days, certain class of women/kids think they have the legal right to beat single adult guy up! In some cases, they need to be taught a lesson!

    Obviously, the bouncer/doorman didn't hit her hard otherwise she would've been knocked out cold. she didn't have a clue what she was doing. I'm on the side of the doorman on this one. there's no way he should be charged!
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  2. Dead_pool

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    The videos not working for me, BUT generally thats why grappling is very useful, as it allows a graduated response, all the way upto lethal force.

    If your talking pure hand striking, a simple bodyshot could work.

    Theres plenty of men who think its ok to start fights too, and you cant just go round breaking jaws all the time, its terrible for your hands!
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  3. Southpaw535

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    My view is danger is danger. If I'm in trouble then its the sual reasonable force, that doesn't get tempered because its a woman. There's plenty of stories of bouncers getting hurt by women they ignored because they were dealing with their SO and whatnot. And being entirely honest, I do think there is a tendency among women to be happy to push lines and hit people because they know the social taboo is there they won't be hit back and that's not on. Just don't hit people, its not hard.

    Kids is a harder one just because there's such a severe size and weight difference. Hitting kids I don't think is every really a necessity, but I don't like for instance schools having rules against leaving marks when dealing with fights or kids going mental. If you need to grab a kid by the arm and leave a finger bruise to stop them stabbing someone with scissors then to me that's within reasonable force.

    Basically, reasonable force to defend yourself or others is reasonable force. Women and kids don't have a magical protection from the same rules. If a guy is equally as weaker or smaller you shouldn't be beating them up either. Its whatever force is necessary and proportional.
  4. Dead_pool

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  5. EdiSco

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    When I said kids, I didn't mean 7-11 year old children. I meant a gang of 12-15 year old feral rats. These can be dangerous...
  6. bassai

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    It was a slap , not a punch , which after reading some of the "celebrity" bouncers memoirs out there (I'm sure Geoff Thompson mentions it) seems to be a favoured opening gambit.
  7. Rataca100

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    Eye for a eye after all. Slaps i would say are more acceptable than punches. Also couldn't abody shot on a female by a male bring up other issues? if you get my insinuation.
  8. Dead_pool

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    A winded opponant is better then one with broken teeth and black eyes.

    unless they're pregnant, and pregnant women dont often get blind drunk and start fights.
  9. El Medico

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    One of our students was working a door and became involved in a scrap with a guy and while he was restraining the miscreant the guy's female companion attacked.Both were hopped up on something besides ethyl alcohol.

    Having both hands occupied my guy simply planted his foot into the abdomen of the onrushing female-who of course started screaming pregnancy,lawsuit,etc...

    Well,of course she wasn't pregnant but the cops told my guy NEVER,EVER to strike a woman in the abdomen-just punch her in the face as a hard as possible.

    Which, generally speaking I thought a bit extreme.But....vhy not?

    Edit:Ha ha!Deadpool mentions prego while I was writing!
  10. aikiMac

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    Ditto that. Anyone can hurt anybody, so, defend.

    The lady in that video looked like she needed a slap in the face, and if her recovery response is any indication, the security guard guy did not slap her with disproportional force. Kudos to him for restraint + reasonable counter.
  11. axelb

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    I was thinking the same, I read the same from GT's books. A slap is less likely to cause damage and also gives more immediate pain.
    Generally speaking it is seen as less violent than a punch.

    The doorman clearly has enough experience to scale the power and use appropriate technique in the situation.

    I've seen a follow up video from the woman who has apologised for her behaviour.

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