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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by KickChick, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I came across a martial art school in the area that is offering instruction in "Bo Fung Do" which I am assuming is Kung Fu but described as a style used against multiple opponents.

    Has anyone here ever trained in this or can offer me more info on this?
  2. cybermonk

    cybermonk New Member

    No idea, at the risk of being flamed I would say is a recent addition to the martial arts world since "Do" is not a term used to represent the older styles' names, usually the term used is Kuen=boxing.(i.e Wing Chun Kuen, Chang Kuen, etc)
  3. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    On their web site (of this particular school) is definition. I googled "Bo Fung Do" and didn't get much accept for this school ... and only the 'cached' version was available)

    "All courses are based on principles of Bo Fung Do, a martial art system geared for practical self defense against one or more opponents, however, even our martial arts classes are very non-traditional in that we don't do traditional exercises or wear martial arts clothing. Our instructors are referred to by name, not title, and we train in street clothes and shoes (boots, sneakers, etc.)

    Bo Fung Do, the art of multiple opponent combat, is an extension of a Kung Fu fighting style known as Wing Chun (Beautiful Springtime). As a student learns Bo Fung Do, he or she will learn some Wing Chun principles of combat that have been modified to be more practical for fighting multiple assailants.

    Bo Fung (Sudden Storm) training teaches you the strong points of several styles of combat, plus techniques unique unto itself. Its practical and efficient approach allows the student to develop a total awareness of the mind and body functioning as one. The student is soon amazed by his or her capabilities. The student learns to quickly recognize, exploit, and react to the weaknesses inherent in different styles of combat. The student emerges as a happier, well rounded, self assured, and self confident individual, which is sensed by those around whether they be friend or enemy.

    Bo Fung Do is especially useful for Police Officers and persons defending themselves against multiple attackers. Because this training is specifically geared for life and death situations it is not suited for tournaments. The only thing more potent than the art itself is the respect you gain for it. Bo Fung Do is not for sport. It's for the real world.

    All of our classes (long and short term) are based on the Bo Fung Do System, but topics and/or techniques may be adapted for specific groups or specific participants within any given class (i.e., law enforcement, smaller persons, taller persons, persons with disabilities, etc.)"

    :confused: Is there such a style or is this only taught by this school?
  4. Scarlet Mist

    Scarlet Mist Banned Banned

    Sounds like a scam to me for the following reasons.

    1) It is a deadly art, not suited for tournaments, but only for life and death situations in the street
    2) If the police trained in it, more people would know about it, I would have heard about it probabably.
    3) If it is about life and death and the street, how can you teach someone to quickly learn to exploit weaknesses in other styles?

    Or maybe it's just me
  5. El Tejon

    El Tejon MAP'scrazyuncle

    "amazed by his or her capabilities" "life and death" Lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!

    Forgive me, but it sounds like someone else learned siu lim tao and went to a couple of jeet kune do seminars, huh? ;)
  6. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I feel like one of those undercover reporters for one of our local tv stations that goes undercover to reveal scams within the industry.

    Should I go and investigate ;) and report back with my findings?
    Oh but wait they need (3) references in order for me to apply to the school!

    .... well I still have to complete my investigation of the MMA school that doesn't allow females! ....
  7. Mrs Owt

    Mrs Owt New Member

    Oh please do be our roving undercover reporter! Imagine if we all decided to do that to a school in each city that MAP is represented in? We would squash a lot of questionable MA's.

    Hmmm...not allow females? How odd, they probably give out camo belts and are too dangerous to show up to any tournaments too! You probably just couldn't hack it - it is for your own protection:rolleyes: .
  8. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    ... or they are all gay ! (sorry :Angel: )
  9. cybermonk

    cybermonk New Member

    Im with Scarlet on this one(no no no, im not going to run up your nuts mate, dont worry ;) ) Sounds like some "Uber dangerous art" against multiple opponents. To me it brings up the question: What if 3 guys from the school gang up on 1 guy from the school? I bet the guy who is alone has the advantage since, you know, he IS fighting multiple opponents while the other ones arent :D

    At the end of the line fighting multiple opponents is the most questionable statement I have heard in years.

    On a sidenote: if you go undercover report back! :)
  10. ikthius

    ikthius New Member

    why do they called it mixed martial arts if they cannot mix the sexes?
    does this mean it is false advertising?

    they should call it slightly jumbled up martial arts for guys who are too full up their own bums, they are stuck in the dark ages

  11. NeonxBurst

    NeonxBurst 1st Black

    I've found a TKD school that does give out Camo belts and I whooped their "best" 1st degree sparrer. McDojangs get on my nerves!!! Sorry I know it's off topic. But I do have some info on this style, or atleast some master insight from a WC Master. He said it's just a bunch of over hyped, under tested, and useless "hybrid" of Wing Chun.
  12. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Yikes.... I'm too scared :eek:


    I might just send an email to the school and find out more and perhaps invite them here to the forum.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2004
  13. NeonxBurst

    NeonxBurst 1st Black

    You do that KC! And if there a McDojo thingy you decide what to do!
  14. El Tejon

    El Tejon MAP'scrazyuncle

    Kick, don't go to the boys-only MMA school. From all the 14 year olds on the Errornet we all know that MMA is tH3 d34dl33 and we want to see you again. :D

    Oh, BTW, as to the siu lim tao + jkd seminar school's alleged "combat experience", those who know, do not say; those you say, do not know.
  15. MacksDad

    MacksDad New Member

    My experience with Bo Fung Do

    Hello Everyone,

    Just a newbie here and I wanted to make you all aware of my experience with Bo Fung Do.

    I've been attending the classes for over a year now and it had been a great experience. I've found all the instructors to be both knowledgeable and capable. They have a very methodical approach to teaching the art and the focus is on teaching the techniques rather than giving the students a workout.

    I believe that in addition to the Lindenhurst, Long Island location there is another school in the NYC area but I'm not sure where it is exactly.

    I beleive that in the relatively brief time that I've been studying Bo Fung Do, I've gotten more out of the art than in the three years I spent studying Kyokushin Karate. This is not a knock on Kyokushin, it's just an opinion of what works best for me.

    As it's been said - There are no superior martial arts, just superior martial artists. And I'm not one of them! :eek:

    If you have any other comments or questions just let me know.

    Macksdad - The George Costanza of martial arts!
  16. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Bo Fung Do (the art of multiple opponent combat)

    Thanks Macksdad for sharing your personal experience with your training in BFD.

    I have not attended any BFD seminars as of yet or visited this specific school, although school is still sending me email updates on a regular basis.

    I hope to over summer.

    As far as that MMA school..... they now accept females ;) (but I honestly don't think it was because of my visit ;) )
  17. Modern Warrior

    Modern Warrior New Member

    Self Defense for the Real World

    Self Defense for the Real World
    I invite you all to come to Modern Warrior to watch a class and meet Phil Messina, the grandmaster and founder of Bo Fung Do. We get stories from those in law enforcement about how our techniques LITERALLY saved their life during a confrontation.

    We get stories from women who have taken our FREE Rape Prevention class and 8 Week Female Self Defense Course who have successfully fought off bigger, stronger, faster attackers. There are women out there who have not been raped due to what they have learned here.

    We teach without ego and give back to the community. We teach important lessons here that go beyond what you learn in the gym.

    With foam furniture and an outdoor Environmental Simulator Room, complete with rain, fog, snow, wind, bad lighting conditions and a full sized school bus with airline seats welded in, we teach you to fight in bad weather and small spaces.

    The only mirrors here are in the bathroom.

    Come in for a tour and we'll show you what makes us unique and how we have been SAVING LIVES for over 28 years.

    We don't go around trashing other arts; we just teach people how to WIN violent confrontations and get home to their families.

  18. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    If you end up at MW you will be guaranteed a few of things

    1) World-class practical martial arts
    2) Innovative, constantly-evolving training
    3) Superb unique facilities
    4) The company of people who have to make it work in real life on a daily basis
  19. Thompsons

    Thompsons Valued Member

    Met Phil Messina and his students the first time in China in 1989 - great folks. Met them again in 2012 at their facility on Long Island.

    Definetely NOT a MC Dojo, i would advice anyone in doubt to pay them a visit. Great atmosphere, great folks, you will meet all kinds of people here.

    Phil is a retired NYPD sergeant who took part in decoy works within the Anti Crime Unit in "Hells Kitchen" back in the days on Manhattan. He knows a lot about violence and is in my opinion unique since he is a great coach for a very broad range of folks. He is also super pleasant to spend some time with.

    Go visit!

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