BMI and muscles?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by FortuneFaded, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. FortuneFaded

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    BMI-Body mass index- worked out by weight and height.

    My question is, what if instance you are 160cm but 15 stone, you'd be medically overweight, but what if its not fat but instead, muscle? Since doesn't muscle out weigh fat?

    So, is err.. BMI incorrect?

    Other questions:

    Every month or so, your supposed to change your workout schedule (gym workout) as yer body gets used to it and you won't gain much from it, would just reversing my schedule count?

    Variations on Sit ups.

    I do normal sit ups but i find this boring and repitive after a while, does anyone know of any variations or websites that i can be directed to?

    Free weights-
    Could someone point me in a direction of a website that shows different movements with weights, as i don't know many.

    Also, I'm going to the gym doing cardio and weights, my mum expects to see a weight loss, i weigh 99kg at the moment went up to 103 and then back to 99kg. But if i'm doing weights, shouldn't i put on weight, given my fat would be replaced with muscle?

    For people who don't know the conversions, 100kg is just over 15.5 stone.

    -goes off to use the search button=
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  2. YODA

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    BMI is a rough guide for Joe "untrained" public. Nothing more.
  3. Colin Linz

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    BMI is just a statistical measurement. When I was in the Defence Force it was part of our annual fitness test. It works out fine for the average person, where it falls down is with body builders or power athletes. We used to have a guy that was quite large, but had no excess fat on his body in my unit, he eventually left the forces and became a cast member for the TV show “Gladiators”. Well every year he would be told he was obese, and he would say it’s muscle not fat. They would then have to send him of to get his body fat medically measured. Of course his results always came back as healthy.
  4. JohnnyX

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    With regards to your other questions that seem to be heavily camouflaged. :D

    You say that you are going to the Gym - personally I would ask one of the instructors there who should be able to answer them and advise you further.

    Cheers. :)
  5. redsandpalm

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    Get your body fat percentage checked. I think 11 - 17% is the usual range for a guy, although I'm 7.5% and apparently that's fine too?? Anyway, as long as you're not out looking for excuses then you're free to ignore the BMI. I'm 6'2" and over 265lbs so you can imagine how much fun and giggles I have placing myself on that chart (somewhere around 'morbedly obese' the doctor shouts after me as I run up the side of a mountain). I'd say forget about your weight and concentrate on 'the wobble factor'. You know yourself if you're ripped or not, and if you're thinking of embarking on a big gyming season then get a friend to go too to keep it fun - and get an instructor to make out a personalised programme for you.
  6. CobraMaximus

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    A good site to show you some exercises and stuff.

    BMI is a geeral statistic and doesn't include people who have a lot of muscle or bone weight.

    Yes you should put on weight. You will probably find your weight will drop as you burn off fat but as your body gets used to working out and you start to get bigger you will be gaining weight again.

    To change your workout I would say raise the intensity of the CV like running/rowing faster and increasing the weights your doing.

    If you get bored with situps to Russian Twists or perhaps advanced plank.
  7. Shortfuse

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    the BMI is inaccurate and outdated, just like the old food pyramid
  8. Ophqui

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    Bmi is terrible, i'm 5'5 and 63 kilos, thus a 25 on the bmi scale which is one point off overweight, yet there aint an ounce of fat on me andi'd consider myself in excellent physical condition
  9. TkdWarrior

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    BMI tells me I m overweight... Doh.. it's stupid :p
    get ur BF checked out.. it's better

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