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  1. joejitsu

    joejitsu Valued Member

    Anyone ever heard of the BKKA (british karate & kickboxing association)? Based around Chesterfield UK http://www.bkka.org.uk/

    Fancied getting back into kickboxing and the club I used to train at is a long way away from where I now live. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with this club and if it's any good or should I avoid it like the plague?
  2. joejitsu

    joejitsu Valued Member

    Also has anyone had any experience with Chesterfield muay thai? Can't seem to find much information on them
  3. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    Well, the first one is light continuous freestyle, so if that's what you're after...
  4. joejitsu

    joejitsu Valued Member

    Not really! Cant find many accesible places that are much different to that. The second place sounds good but hasnt got much info
  5. barka182

    barka182 New Member

    BKKA are very good

    From what I've heard and seen the BKKA is very good. It caters for everyone, I am into the hard hitting, blood sweat and tears kickboxing and they hit this to some level. They have had alot of tournament sucess I beleive including some ISKA (us open) champions. I'd advise taking a look. They spread along the country

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