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    I was thinking about this today, on top of general life SandC goals, (I. E. Keep looking like a lessor viking God/ keep up with children on smarties without a afternoon nap) what a would be good BJJ specific goals to have?

    I was thinking
    A) ability to work/ roll flat out for one round,
    B) heart rate recovery from max effort to baseline as quickly as possible.
    C) the ability to lift/hold bodyweight for extended times.
    D) ability to roll for an hour at various paces without needing a break. To maximise limited bjj training time.

    So to address this I was going to include in my gym work
    A) and D) sprinting / interval / HIIT work - to increase my anaerobic threshold.
    B) and D) some longer cardiovascular work to increase baseline
    C) and d) keep on lifting but more systematically. Plus hand strength work.

    Am I missing anything major here?
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  2. Knee Rider

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    Depending on what sort of lifting you are doing I think muscular endurance work would be useful.

    I swear by Gotch's Bible using pressups, Hindu pressups and Hindu squats for building strength endurance and energy systems. I noticed that when I first started BJJ my heavy lifting wasn't helping my rolling at all and switched to doing the above. It really increased my output and I got in the best shape I'd ever been. The direct grappling crossover was insane.
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  3. icefield

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    Gi wise isometric endurance is very important as well, static holds on deadlifts for example, grip strength and grip endurance is also important as is pulling strength, the Gracie's were and are renowned for their chin up strength.

    Conditioning wise increasing power output at threshold is also important best done using the threshold method, working for 4 or 5 mins rounds within 5 beats plus or minus your anaerobic threshold for rounds. Start of with 3 3 min rounds and work upto 5 x 5 rounds does wonders for specific rolling conditioning. Finding your threshold without a gas test is not easy but there are a few simple tests you can do to find your range
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  4. Dead_pool

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    Excellent, I'll have a look and start implementing it as soon as I can, in the meantime I'll revisit gotch's workout!
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    this is key for when you have little ones. i just can't make it to the gym as much as i'd like anymore. i have 3 boys now, and now they each have their own sports their into. so i end up training for long periods of time, but only once or twice a week.

    like this past saturday, me and two other guys did 3-minute rounds, rotating in a guy with every round, with 30-second rest in between each round. it meant that someone did two rounds in a row. and the goal was to do 10 rounds each. basically took about an hour to do, and i got 30 minutes of actual roll time in.

    to get ready for these times, or being able to hit open gym for 3 hours, i just do a lot of kb's and body-weight calisthenics at home, and solo movement drills. jump rope also helps with the wind.
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    i really hate how we can't edit posts anymore, because i see grammatical errors.
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