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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by thegaminboy, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member

    hi i'm a 16 male and i'm wanting to take bjj. and there's only 1 school near me. (it teaches karate and BJJ) here is a website to it: note this is not the school this is just a website to the bjj part. also should i take bjj? and the reason i'm asking if i should take it is the instructor is only a brown belt. also i'm only 5'6'' and 137 pounds will this hinder me in taking bjj? also is bjj hard to learn? (sorry for all the questions i'm just curious) thanks
  2. MonkeysUncle

    MonkeysUncle Shakin' like Bacon

    If you want to take it, take it. Size is no hindrance in any martial art. I myself am not involved in BJJ, but from what I've gathered Brown belt is a fairly high rank in BJJ, so if he's qualified I wouldn't let that stop you(somebody correct me if I'm wrong here). Just make sure you know it's what you want to take, there are most likely other MA schools around, look at everything in your area before making a decision, you may just find a hidden pearl.
  3. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    if you want to, then do it.

    1 school is all you need. don't be a creonte = (a guy who hops from one bjj to the next).

    looks ok. go check it out. try an open mat session and a free class.

    should is another matter. one should want to take martial arts. it isn't a should issue.

    that's pretty high. a bjj bluebelt can teach bjj. a bjj blue is equivalent to a high brown in other schools. bjj browns are like 2nd dan blacks in some schools.

    go check it out and see if it's for you.
  4. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member

    thanks for your answers, also i used to take wrestling in middle school would this help me in bjj? also i'm gonna try to take a free class at somepoint. (i'm gonna see how much they charge a month first) and if any of you have took bjj do they show you some submission moves your first day there?
  5. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    go for it. check out the school and see what you think. a website can only tell us so much. your wrestling background will probably prove complimentary, especially considering your size.

    can it be tough? sure. so can any martial art, but you wrestled; you know about the value of hard work in the combat sports arena. and if it helps, we just had three teenagers sign up in my studio, including a teenage girl. if she can do it, so can you ;)
  6. 1bad65

    1bad65 Valued Member

    I would jump at the chance if I were you. A Brown Belt is actually tough to find, it takes around 8 years on average to get a Brown Belt. A Brown will know most all the techniques a Black does, he just needs more mat time to get his Black. At least that is how I had it explained when I asked what the difference was.
  7. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member


    well if a brown belt in bjj is pretty much the same as a black belt and it takes 8 years to get a brown belt.,. then i think i should jump at the opportunity! apparently this guy has some skill! i'm defenetaly gonna check them out, but i'm shy around a group of ppl i dunno. could they possibly give me some private lessons?
  8. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    bjj isn't really conducive to private lessons. you need to roll with as many people as possible to really get used to the art. which means... classes.
  9. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member

    ok that's cool if they don't offer private lessons then i'll just take the classes b/c i'm really wanting to take bjj. also if i was in a bjj tournament do you think they would let me use a double leg takedown? and how much per month on average does bjj classes cost?
  10. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    Go for it. That school is under Helio Soneca, who features on my current favourite DVD of awesome, high-percentage winning moves!!

    Also, brown belt is a really high level in BJJ, so don't let that worry you.
  11. TheMightyMcClaw

    TheMightyMcClaw Dashing Space Pirate

    Size is not an issue with Jiujitsu. If you compete, you'll generally be fighting people in your weight class.... so us tiny guys get to fight eachother.

    As for difficulty, it's been my experience that I learned and absorbed BJJ much faster than any other martial art I've done.
  12. EternalRage

    EternalRage Valued Member


    You're looking at between 8 yrs experience or more, with a significant amount of competition time most likely.

    Your size shouldn't be an issue, in fact, it will force you to have excellent technique.

    It is hard to learn - most MA are, but it tends to make perfect sense when you actually grasp a move or a concept.

    In the future, use to verify an instructor - they are currently revamping their database I believe, so not everyone will be in there. Phil Hurst is not, but his instructor is listed there. So I'd say it's pretty legit.
  13. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member

    how do i look up instructors on i went there but couldn't find out how to do that. also i hope it's not hard to learn, but learning wrestling for me was hard but was also fun. but could you use some wrestling techniques in a bjj tournament? j/w b/c i think using either a single or double leg takedown MIGHT give me a slight advantage when i start taking bjj and go to a competition. (j/w b/c if you read it seems they go to tournaments)
  14. flashlock

    flashlock Banned Banned

    It's time for you to stop asking questions on an internet forum, get to a school, and fight.
  15. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member

    i'm working on it lol i just don't wanna bombard the instructor with ?'s
  16. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    you should. that's what he's there for. ask!
  17. thegaminboy

    thegaminboy New Member

    ok cool i just didn't want to ask him allota ?'s and he'd b like wtf? lol but yeah i forgot they were open yesterday...darn but there open tomorrow so i'm gonna ask them how much there classes are
  18. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    I know where you're coming from GC but I disagree (I would though, I take privates :p )

    This is true, I'm not contradicting myself honest ;)

    Because BJJ is a very 'honest' style, most instructors will admitt that 'Shock Horror' some techniques/movements are better suited to some people more than others. This is where private lessons come in, also it allows you to work on certain aspects of your game which may not be getting covered in class (remember, you're not the only person in the class ;) ).

    But I think that private lessons are only something you can benifit from after at least several months of mat time. Otherwise you're probably wasting your money on stuff you would have picked up in class anyway ;)
  19. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    no. that's you talking.

    just go and learn. something not clear, ask.
  20. 1bad65

    1bad65 Valued Member

    You can use a double leg in a tournament. You get 2 pts for it too!

    I think he asked about the guy being only a brown because he is new to MA. Hell, open up a phonebook and see how many Grandmasters, 10th Dans, etc you see. I think that is where he was coming from. My instructor got his brown last weekend, so he has been a purple awhile. It's not uncommon for newbies to MA to question him on that. One actually said, 'are you really any good? No offense, but I see you are not a Black Belt.' Alot of people do not realize the time that goes into earning a BJJ belt, and they see dojo's actually advertising the 'be a Black belt in 2 years' crap and they assume BJJ belts are done the same way.

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