BJJ On Long Island?

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Pax Noctis, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Hey guys-

    I'm looking to get into BJJ, and looking for a school on Long Island. I found this one:

    The instructor seems like he's got credentials (or at least, he talks a big game on his website) and it seems like a good school. I've heard from somewhere that the place is pretty expensive (to the tune of like $150 a month for 2 lessons a week?), but I can afford that if the level of instruction here is worth it.

    Anyone have any advice or experience with this place?

  2. Storms of War

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    What part of Long Island are you from? If you're anywhere near Levittown, PM me. I train at a place in Levittown which teaches Kempo Jujutsu. I think the only difference aside from the name is that it's almost purely no gi training. You get kickboxing and jujutsu classes 3 times a week for $85 a month. The instructor is cool as hell too. My brother trained with Kioto, but only for a short while and I don't know which location. His friend trained at the same place. He was a blue belt with something like 2 years of training under his belt. They both loved it there. If you're into training with a gi and don't mind the price, check them out. Worst comes to worst, you leave and don't go back. My coach used to train with Master Mansor and he said that even though he's in his 70's, he could manhandle just about anyone. They're definitely legit.
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    You still train with Matt? At the Huntington location perhaps?
  6. Tomas_Drgon

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    Not bad as far as I can tell.
    But being on Long Island I'd check out Matt Serra in Huntington, the gym is on Jericho Pike. I trained there for about a week some 2 years ago and it is a great place albeit a bit expensive.



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