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    Thought that would get your attention! :)

    A few interesting reads I plagiarized from another forum addressing skill and its relationship with awareness, specifically in relation to connection, breathing, bonsciousness and energy.

    This is interesting too:

    I find this all very interesting as for some time I have been thinking about training in terms of automatic vs conscious repetition and the ability to maintain consciousness/awareness in training. I'm beginning to think that the two are quite a way apart and from what I gathered from the above two articles, the same idea is prevalent.

    Here is another interesting read on this topic:

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    (Quite long but worth reading anyway)
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    Its not that long man, there is some good info on there..

    To sum it up:

    - Rickson, talks about skill which is not overtly visible from outside but makes a big difference in terms of effect of technique on opponent

    - Orlando Cani, the creator of Gymnastica Natural, and who taught it to Rickson and other fighters, talks about the importance of awareness and breath and to some degree how this relates to fighting

    - Last article, is about how skill is developed and how awareness plays in to this

    Of course, its much more interesting if you just read it ;)
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    Loved that first article. I'd like to have some of my aikido instructors read it-- they seem to think they have the market cornered on connection.
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    Illustration of the difference between the external and internal martial arts

    I was walking on the pier in Dun Laoghaire this morning. The clouds were low and the wind was strong and gusty. I noticed a raven flying overhead. It was flapping its wings madly, trying to counter the blows of the wind, totally unbalanced and looking really vulnerable. Then, just above the struggling raven, I saw a seagull. With its wings spread wide, it was gliding effortlessly on the same wind that was causing so much trouble for poor raven. The seagull looked completely relaxed. It did not fight the wind, it was using it. It did not try to go through the gusts; it glided and slid over them. The raven was like an external martial arts practitioner. It was strong and able to fight against a strong opposing force, but spending huge amount of energy to achieve this, and constantly on a verge of defeat. The seagull was like an internal martial arts practitioner. It didn’t fight the opposing force. It evaded the force, used it, and moved through it, all the time in a perfect balance and calm, using minimum effort to achieve maximum goals.
    There are really no external and internal martial arts. there are people who understand internal martial art principals and apply them and those who don't.
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    thank you very much
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    Disregarding the flawed bird analogy, I do not thinks what you described is internal approach vs external so much as it is correct vs incorrect application of mechanics.

    You cannot say there is no external or internal and then say people "get" internal or they don't in the next breath as it makes no sense. There is a time to yield, a time to stand firm and a time to smash. These are not universal to any style. When executed properly good technique is just that, regardless of origin or arbitrary classification
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    What I meant when I said that there are no internal or external martial arts, was that every martial art has its external and internal aspects. The external aspects are visible as techniques. The internal aspects are the abstract principles like full body power, connectedness, awareness, sensitivity, responsiveness… the external aspects are just manifestation of internal aspects. The more you understand the internal aspects of martial arts, the easier it is to use the external aspects. When I used to practice taeqwando, everyone was bouncing up and down, in a proper taeqwando fighting stands during the sparing fights. Everyone was jumping during sparing except for my teacher. He used to just stand there calmly, and watch us. He would wait until you had both feet in the air, and would suddenly leap forward and push you off balance. He wouldn’t even have to kick you or punch you. He would use his hands. How was he able to do it? He attacked us through the gaps in our consciousness. We were all too busy thinking about what we were doing, and did not pay attention what he was doing. Especially when we attacked, we all gapped and completely lost the connection with what was going on around us. We committed not only our bodies but our minds as well. This is very common. Good boxers for instance use this gap punching all the time. They wait until the opponent commits to a punch and his consciousness gaps, and then attack themselves through this gap. This is a use of internal martial arts principles in what are commonly considered to be external martial arts.
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    Thanks for the clarification - that makes more sense. Whilst I intensely dislike terms such as internal/external I can see why people use them to highlight certain points.
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    Now that I am an expert in BJJ, with like 5 hours training under my belt or something, I'd like to add my tuppence, in true internet stylee. I've discovered that the soft/internal 'listening', 'adhering' and 'rooting' skills I've developed in TCC might, at some point, actually come in pretty useful when rolling.

    I'll get back to you in a coupla years.
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    I found the same going to jujitsu from aikido. Even in ground grappling you can feel where they're going and change with it. Sweeps from the guard was a place where it came in particularly useful because at first I kept ending up on my back.
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    I did a seminar with Orlando Cani a few years back and we did this partnered pushing drill where you used your root to push your partner across the room with palm connected to whole time. Felt very similar to some partnered isometric training I've experienced in the Yang style. Cani mentioned that Victor Belfort trained that drill and attributed much of his success in MMA to it, interestingly.
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    Sorry for the slow reply, missed your post somehow..

    Thats quite interesting, I have a vid of a Russian Olympic boxing coach training some lads in something very simmilar. I'll post the vid up when I get off work, though its all in Russian.

    EDIT: Managed to get it off my phone, its in here, though not sure if it will make much sense with the language barrier. It's around the 5 minute mark:

    [ame=""]2012.МоÑква.БокÑ.Тренер - МС СССÐ* по бокÑу БориÑов С. Ð’. - YouTube[/ame]
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