BJJ Charity GrappleThon in Support of Kinergy, 12th April in Bristol

Discussion in 'Event promotion forum' started by slideyfoot, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. slideyfoot

    slideyfoot Co-Founder of Artemis BJJ

    As some of you may or may not know, I've been running charity GrappleThons for the last two years: in 2013, we raised almost £9,000 for RapeCrisis. If you've never heard of a GrappleThon, the concept is very simple: have at least two people rolling over a twenty four hour period (some of the people who have taken up the concept since I started have done it for less than that, but I like to stick with 24 hours ;) ).

    Anyone can take part (there's no charge: ideally you would do some fundraising for our chosen charity, but that's entirely up to you), even if you've never grappled before. The atmosphere at the last two events was amazing: super friendly, relaxed and all happy to be working towards a good cause. If you'd like to join in, the event will be hosted by my school, Artemis BJJ, at our Longwell Green location (eastern Bristol). The Facebook event page is here, which has all the details.

    Whether or not you're taking part, you can of course donate, wherever you are in the world! :D Donations this year will be going to a local Bristol charity, Kinergy. They provide professional counselling to survivors of sexual abuse and rape, helping them move on with their lives. The page for donations is here: JustGiving can accept donations no matter where you live, especially as there is a PayPal option. So, please give generously! :)
  2. philosoraptor

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    This is awesome, you're awesome.
  3. Dead_pool

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    I'm not local but will be sending a donation and will pass on the message!

    Keep up the good work brother!
  4. slideyfoot

    slideyfoot Co-Founder of Artemis BJJ

    Thanks very much! The donations are the important part anyway. :)
  5. ellacooper

    ellacooper Banned Banned

    you are running charity GrappleThons for the last two years is a great effort but i would request you to keep it continue and i would i also request to many more to join hand with GrappleThon.
  6. slideyfoot

    slideyfoot Co-Founder of Artemis BJJ

    Just to update you, we've now passed the £1,200 mark, which is cool! Also, Meerkatsu has finished his custom design, so if anyone would like to earn this on a t-shirt, you simply need to join the fundraising team and start getting some donations for Kinergy. :D


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